Momcrafting: Talking Receipts

I have been having a blast piecing together our three costumes this year! It’s been fun finding items, some that I can use all year round if I so choose. Though I have been pretty curious what I’ve spent so far since I spoiled my son a little for his costume. So here is the break down for the costumes so far!

Moogle Costume

White suit – $17.29
Still need: material for wings and pom-pom

Super Megaforce Power Ranger Costume

Black pants – $5.99
Black shirts – $5.99
Power Ranger gloves – $5.99
Power Ranger sword – $14.99
Red fleece track jacket – $21.95
Subtotal: $54.91
Still need: materials for belt and jacket embellishments

My Costume

Leatherette leggings – $18.48
Black track jacket – $23.55
Black gloves – $9.99
Boots – $27.13
Gold hoop earrings – $6.87
Pink sunglasses – $1.05
Vampire fangs – $13.15
Yellow jacket – $18.48
Subtotal: $118.70

Yowza! I had no idea that I had spent that much on my costume. But to be fair, almost everything can be worn all year round. I am so incredibly excited to finish all of these! Will post pictures as I complete things. I’m hoping to finish my daughter’s Moogle costume this weekend. Have to wait for the fleece jacket for my son to get in, but that should be soon. Since it’s already been snowing a little here, it’ll be good to build my son’s costume with warm materials.

Updates coming soon!


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