Momcrafting: Baby Moogle

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m already working on our Halloween costumes for this year. Face it, Halloween is serious business for our family! My littlest nerdling is going to be a Moogle this year. My original vision was to crossplay Vincent Valentine myself, have my son be Denzel, and my daughter be the Moogle doll at the local anime con. Unfortunately, it looks like I will not be making it to the con. And though I will have to crossplay Vincent at a later date, I just can’t forget about my daughter as a Moogle. Seriously, I can’t think of a cuter costume for a little babe.

Now, I’m a clothing modifier. I’m sure some day I’ll be able to fabricate an entire costume from the ground up but until my sewing capabilities grow I’ll stick to modifying found items. Which is another reason I’m excited to make this Moogle costume. As long as I have the best possible base, this will be an incredibly easy build. So when I saw the winter suit below, I knew I was set!


It’s white, it soft, it’s furry. All of that adds up to a perfect base. A couple things will need to be modified but I think that will be easy. The round ears will need to become pointed. I’ll have to get some extra white fabric and inner ear fabric. Horns were easy to make last year so I can imagine pointy ears are just as easy. A wire and pom-pom will need to be added, plus purple wings.


But then there are these little bear faces on the toes. I’m sure I can remove the stitching and leave it at that. I’m predicting that will be no big deal. Will let you know how it goes!

Money spent on Moogle: $17.29 (Original price $38. Sale price $24.70.)

Happy Momcrafting!


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