Momcrafting: Halloween

Halloween easily became my favorite holiday after becoming a mom. If I had the time to go to conventions, I’d love to cosplay. But since I barely have enough hours in the day as it is, I get to focus all of that energy into a single holiday. Last year, I sewed by hand my son’s Wild Thing costume and vowed to myself that I would buy a sewing machine. I’d love to buy a sewing machine. I truly would. Problem is, when you have two kids, money starts to become less about what you want and more about what you need. Or rather, what they need. But since I really don’t love being miserable I told myself I would not take on sewing everything by hand like I did last year. (And no… no I will not settle for buying costumes from the store.) Thank goodness my mother hasn’t sold her old machine. Every weekend from now until Halloween I’ll be crafting our costumes at her house. That’s pretty much a win-win for everyone. My munchkins get to see their Nana and my fingers get to stay in tact.

Now comes the big question: what should we be? I thought about having a theme for the family but nothing really worked. Then it dawned on me that my son was now old enough to choose for himself. (Though, this often backfires when it comes to ordering food. I’ll ask him “Do you want mac & cheese, or chicken strips?” To which he’ll answer “Mac & cheese.” And of course he eats everything on the table except the mac & cheese he swore up and down that he wanted. Of course.) It’s very possible that this will backfire in my face as well but I figured I would give it a shot. While we were waiting for Nana to get done in the movie section of Wal•Mart, I took my son down the costume aisle. He zeroed in on the Super Megaforce Power Ranger outfit instantly and was incredibly sad when I told him he couldn’t have it. Incredibly sad.

I know, I’m heartless. Believe me when I say I had to hold back from buying it for him and putting him in it immediately. Trust me, I’m a big enough person to put aside my desire to make the costumes by hand if my son wants something so badly. However, it’s still the middle of September and I’m also smart enough to know that if we buy his costume now there’s no way he’ll want to wear it on Halloween. Besides that, the toddler size has fake muscles. I’ve seen Super Megaforce Power Rangers. They’re lanky like every other Power Ranger squad. So tell me why the costumes look like the Hulk has been added to the team. It’s pretty lame if you ask me. So my son will be getting his own momcrafted costume which will actually be perfect. We live in Alaska, as many of you know, and this gives me the perfect opportunity to beef up his costume on cold protection. K will be the red ranger for Halloween.

Piratey Power Ranger. Win-win!

But what about my daughter and myself? (My husband-man has to work unfortunately.) My office is having a theme this year, which makes it incredibly easy for me to choose. Our theme is superheroes but I’m not sure I want to reveal what I’ll be making just yet! I’ve been teasing a couple items from the costume on my Twitter (@1337mando) so go ahead and follow me if you’re curious. I plan on posting my experience with my costume after it’s revealed, so don’t worry, you’ll still find out about my blunders in costume-land. If you ask me, the tweet below kind of gives it away but hopefully that’s just me.

My daughter is going to be a Moogle! Why? Because I only get her first two Halloweens to dress her up in whatever I want. After that, she’ll most likely have her own likes and dislikes. In fact, she will even have the ability to tell me she hates Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. But for now, I’m hoping that day never comes. This Halloween, we’re going for super adorable!

Happy Momcrafting!


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