Titanfall T-Shirt Upscale

I’d been feeling pretty crafty this weekend. Before I knew what I was doing, I went from starring at my Loot Crate Titanfall shirt across the room to furiously pinning T-shirt DIY’s on Pinterest in 5 seconds flat. I decided to start my whole “let’s make these nerdy shirts girly” campaign with the shirt below for a couple of reasons.


First off, I don’t actually play Titanfall and I probably never will. I suffer from Simulation Sickness. Don’t laugh, this is an awful affliction that effects gamers across the world. Symptoms include nausea and not being able to play some awesome video games. I feel a bit like a poser wearing this shirt because of this. Only fellow Looters will know that this is a Loot Crate exclusive shirt but maybe if I changed the shirt itself I might feel more comfortable in it.

Secondly, it has a really soft fabric. I don’t know what they blended the cotton with (I’m guessing heaven) but it’s stretchy and soft and I love it.

There were a couple things to take into account with this shirt. It’s already fitted (not a lot of Loot Crate exclusive Tees are) and long. I didn’t need to add something to it to lengthen it or fit it to my girlish figure. I also cold not find my sewing materials and had to stick to something that just needed cutting and the occasional dab of fabric glue. (I say “dab” like you can actually get fabric glue to dab. Silly me!) Here’s where I started:

FYI, this is hard to do with a toddler running around you in circles.

FYI, this is hard to do with a toddler running around you in circles.

I cut the hems off of the sleeves, bottom, and collar so that the fabric would curl in. You will also need the bottom hem fabric later, so don’t discard!


I flipped the shirt over to cut the back collar to match the front.


HA! I knew this photo wouldn’t turn out. Clearly I cut slits in the back measuring 1 iPhone apart. I kept them a couple inches from each inner seam.


Using that bottom hem from earlier, I “tied” the fabric between each slit together. (Imagine a bow tie.) This is where the fabric glue came into play. After I was done with my bow ties, I figured that it would be nice to give this a color pop. I have a ton of shelf tank tops that do not fit properly. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about!


I found this bright green one just begging to be a part of this project. Well, if you insist! I cut off the back part, ensuring that I left the seam on the piece I was using.


Next, I glued this piece to the inside of the back. Be sure to use a board of some sort to keep your fabric glue from bleeding through to the other side.


Here’s the result! And as you can tell, my husband is really good at getting detail pictures. Oh well, I think you get the point. I think that I may remove the green tank piece, since it sort of just bunches. My bow ties are also a little crooked but I blame the toddler who kept thinking my being on the floor meant that I wanted him to jump on my back and yell “YIHAW!!” Which was clearly what I wanted out of this project.

But there you have it! If you try this out, I suggest cutting the slits further away from each other since I think that would make the whole bow tie effect clearer. Still, I feel like I can wear this and not feel like a total poser around non-looters and yes, I do feel more girly in this. Can’t wait for the next!


2 thoughts on “Titanfall T-Shirt Upscale

  1. Momcrafting! You know I have the same affliction, I get dizzy and nauseous after playing certain FPSs. I’ve found that if I play in small doses I get accustomed to it and can play longer and longer.

    • Nice! I’ve tried to train myself slowly but something always comes up and I lose my progress. I have so many games on the shelf that look up and shout “Play us!”… and I have to whisper “no.”

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