Crafty Geekiness

As I mentioned before, I am restructuring this blog. I currently have a couple other projects that I will be working on starting August 1. So what exactly does that mean for this blog?

I have invited another momma nerd to come blog here. You may have noticed her photo in the feed. She’s a library, enjoys cosplay, and has 2 adorable geeky kids that she crafts stuff for. She also has a nerdy T-shirt addiction much like myself. Hopefully when our mom powers combine we can create an epic resource for nerdy parents every where!

Personally, I plan on finding something to do with my nerdy T-shirt collection. One thing that happens when you go from a solo player to having a permanent raiding party is your body changes. I may only have a couple extra pounds left over from my kids but they have been… *ahem* distributed differently. Which means, those rad shirts that I used to wear everywhere don’t fit like they used to. Factor in that they aren’t currently very girly or work appropriate and that means I can’t wear a majority of my wardrobe 5 days out of the week. I’m going to partner up with my buddy Pinterest and my friend that rarely comes around anymore (Miss Spare Time) and modify my shirts to fix this. I shall call it Momcraft!

I hope you like the new changes. Once I’m able to talk about my other projects, I will let you know!


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