My Audition Experience With King of the Nerds

Many of you know that calls have gone out about casting for King of the Nerds. Considering the large volume of people that have applied I believe it is safe to say that many of you are feeling bummed right about now. We can’t all make it into Nerdvana unfortunately. One very well quoted tweet I’d like to share with you comes from a fellow #NerdArmy member [electro belton]:

Appropriate, no? I’m sure that’s not enough for some of you though. You may be furiously checking your Junk Mail folder to ensure an email didn’t get dumped into there. You may be asking friends to call your number to make sure it’s actually working. You may be thinking you’re not good enough. I’m telling you to stop that nonsense and I’d like to share my experience with the casting crew with you.

If you follow my blog, you know that I have loved King of the Nerds since I first saw the theater promo that was attached to The Hobbit. Naturally, when a casting call came out about a second season, I threw my name into the goblet. My video was… boring. I had no idea how to edit it and just tried my best to talk nerdy for 5 minutes straight. You guys, I kid you not, it was awful. But I sent it off anyway and received no word back. I even recall at one point I had to change my address so I emailed it to them because it asked you to notify them of changes in your information in the application. Yea… they didn’t care.

I waited and waited and hoped to hear back, but I didn’t. Then The People’s Nerd contest came about. I scrolled through the single page of submissions and decided I had a chance to beat those nerds to go to Nerdvana. The moment I got home, I told my husband I had something important to do and hid myself in our bedroom with my laptop. There were moments I would sneak out to grab my Kingdom Hearts action figures, or I’d pop my head out to ask him where my Buffy comics were, or I’d slyly grab my Harry Potter: Tales of Beedle the Bard from our bookshelf. I even busted out my Cloverfield figure which sadly did not make the final cut. I tediously edited my video into the allotted 3 minutes and crossed my fingers as I uploaded it. The next day, my heart pounded as I asked people to vote for me and for those people to get their friends to do it as well. The greatest part was that my friends shared every single day until the contest ended for votes. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that there was no longer just a single page of submissions, but multiple pages and they were filled with submissions from people like JWittz and yes, I even remember Buddha’s video. (I can totally confirm his blue hair.) There was absolutely no way that I could beat so many nerds for the single slot into Nerdvana.


Two days before the contest closed, I received an email from casting. They wanted me to call them and had tracked down my email through the Facebook contest! I was so gorram excited I called them immediately. She told me that they thought I was “adorable” and asked about my son. They were very hopeful that I had someone that could watch him if I was casted and I assured them my husband was willing. She told me they were surprised I hadn’t submitted an application.

“Oh no, I did!” I told her. “I submitted a video and application. But the video wasn’t that great…”

“Oh…” was all I heard on the line. There was the longest pause in the verse until the lady on the other end finally said they would like me to submit another video. She asked me to be as nerdy as possible and to try to teach them something if I could. I went home, got my son to take a nap, and started filming everything I possibly could. My large Harry Potter collection, my wand, how I use spells in every day conversation, my cats named after video game characters, the Moogle and Momo stuffed animals I had hidden in my son’s collection, my nerdy DVDs including my Gurren Lagann box set (came with a drill key), my World of Warcraft characters and how my main completes me (seriously, Aysun, I heart you), my comic collection that, yes, consists of Buffy and Angel. I went nuts explaining the Hufflepuff house. Basically, I spared no expense. I edited the best I could and sent it off while desperately hoping I would hear back from them.

But I didn’t. I never heard back and I was admittedly bummed. I was kind of in a funk for a while. I had really, really wanted to go to Nerdvana. Instead, I was stuck waiting until January to watch whoever beat me in The People’s Nerd compete with everyone else. You know what ended up happening to me instead? I found out I was pregnant with my little Zelda baby.

I know, I know that whole “silver lining” thing is possibly the last thing you want to hear. But I like to reflect every once and a while. I wouldn’t have actually been able to compete and instead of having a slim chance of winning $100,000 I have this amazing little nerdling instead. I also learned how much my husband likes to brag about me and how many friends I have that love me. That’s why I started blogging/vlogging and that’s how I ended up becoming a part of the #NerdArmy. I have met so many amazing nerds and I get to be part of this amazing Project Kondor that I cannot wait to launch in August! *squee*

Through the #NerdArmy, I have gotten the chance to finally play Dungeons and Dragons, I have guest blogged on another blog and I have guest bloggers signed on for my blog, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented people, and I’ve become a part of a little family with the COTA (Commanders of the Army). I know, I’m super cheesy you guys and I appreciate you putting up with me. Just try to keep in mind that just because you didn’t get casted for King of the Nerds doesn’t mean you’re not “good enough.” You are not rejects. You are still a part of something that’s amazing and have connected with a lot of great people. Know that more of us were not chosen than those who were. I know that Nerdvana is incredibly important to so many of us (why do you think we fought so hard to have a season 3?) and I completely understand why many of you will take this hard. I’d say that I have been in your shoes but I’m actually still in your shoes. Don’t get down, nerds. We may not be Nerdvana-bound but we are getting ready to launch the super amazing Project Kondor that will occupy you until January and beyond!

Fret not, my nerd brethren! Take heart in the fact that the Commanders are looking out for you!


4 thoughts on “My Audition Experience With King of the Nerds

  1. I love my purple Druid and her wolfie! She is like the little sister I never had, and she gets me and MY nerdiness. Mandi doesn’t mind my horrid ukulele playing and isn’t surprised when I say or do silly things. She squees with me over cool t-shirts and geeky games, too! ❤

  2. I was bummed when I didn’t get a call back, although since no one looked at my video after asking me to submit one, I kind of knew already. Oh well. 🙂

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