King of the Nerds Officially Renewed by TBS for Third Season!

This post has been reblogged from Melissa at Your Reality Recaps with permission. If you would like to see the original post, I’ve linked it here. GET TO WORK NERDS!

It’s finally official! Curtis announced today that they have renewed King of the Nerds and that season three is now a reality instead of a dream. This does not mean that job of the Nerd Army is done, though! We still have so much work to do.  There is a new operation added to our orders! Listen up and listen up good, Nerd Army!


kotn_123punch_1Now it’s time to show some love to @tbsveryfunny so we want to see all your best “Thank You” memes using the famous nerd quote “You Can’t Stop The Signal”. All photos and memes should show moments of thanks, celebration and good will from events in nerd culture. Don’t forget to tag @tbsveryfunny and use #TBSVeryNerdy in your Tweets! The other “commanders” and I can’t wait to see what all of you clever boys and girls come up with to show TBS how thankful you are that they made our dream of Season Three of King of the Nerds a reality!

kotn_123punch_2Keep supporting @KOTNcasting with #KOTNCastMe! We don’t stop until we are asked to stop so keep spreading the word that casting is still looking for nerds to round out their season three cast. If you are in the running to be on the show, be a good sport and help find your competition/new nerdy friends. Here is the Original Casting Announcement Blog.


kotn_123punch_3Keep supporting @5x5_Media with #Follow5x5! Without 5×5 Media we would not have a show to support so follow them, Tweet with them, and just have fun with them. They are great people and love the show as much as we do. Also, you can “like” their Facebook page to show your support as well, if Twitter isn’t your thing. Same goes for King of the Nerds on TBS, they have a Facebook page too! So even if you’re not into Twitter, you can still show your support through words of thanks, memes of thanks or whatever you’d like to post to show how appreciative you are that season three of King of the Nerds is definitely happening!

tbs_pickup2_copyI also wanted to share this statement from @jmrobbinswrites that he Tweeted to Kayla a few weeks ago: “…To see and hear your efforts to support KONTs3. This is more than just a show. This is finally proper representation of nerds. My group of friends and our behaviors were never properly represented… I see a show like KOTN, and my jaw drops. I’m blown away that we’re on television. Nerds –real nerds—are finally getting represented as we truly are. As soon as I saw an episode from s1, I said, “These are the exact types of people I was friends with in high school”. You are doing an amazing service by pushing for this show. Being on it yourself, you could’ve just taken your prize and moved on, but you must also see what this means to nerds. This is an important show! Thank you for your efforts. I get happy every time I see your constant posts and efforts about it.” – @jmrobbinswrites on Twitter. (Kayla made the image on the right & the one on the left below, that’s the kind of stuff we want to see from the Nerd Army).

tbs_pickup3_copyI agree with every word of that statement! And so much love and thanks goes out to everyone in the Nerd Army who has been doing their best to help the “commanders” promote our efforts to renew the show. WE WOULD NOT BE CELEBRATING TODAY IF NOT FOR YOUR DEDICATED EFFORTS TO SUPPORT US, CURTIS AND KING OF THE NERDS. You all deserve a pat on the back – no – HUGS! Group hugs all around! Now… You have work to do – Let’s see those thankful messages! The commanders are watching, waiting and are very excited to see them roll onto our feeds and the Facebook pages.


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