Why King of the Nerds Needs a Season 3

Dear TBS,

I still remember the first ad I saw for King of the Nerds. I was at the midnight viewing of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey for a friend’s birthday. Before the movie started, clips of Danielle proclaiming her large internet following, Celeste claiming that she would dominate the competition and Genevieve cutely adjusting her glasses flooded the screen. I couldn’t wait to watch the first season! Finally, a competition show about nerds.

The first season was all it promised to be. Bobby Carradine and Curtis Armstrong were hilarious and constantly reminded me about why I grew up watching Revenge of the Nerds. The contestants were all so loveable and lacked in drama… well, there were moments of drama but it was nowhere near the drama levels of other reality shows. But best of all, it celebrated nerds instead of laughing at them. I know a lot of people were upset by the “popularity contest” in the finale but to be perfectly honest, it didn’t bother me that much since a king needs loyalty. Though I was definitely in the minority and complaints filled the internet. The coolest part was that you [TBS] listened to those complaints!

I couldn’t wait for the second season to start. There were new nerds to get to know, new challenges to wish I could participate in, and 8 whole weeks of guaranteed awesomeness! I fell in love with new nerds: Kayla, Katie, Mary Kate, and Xander. Don’t get me wrong, the entire cast was loveable and I could easily relate to each. Yes, even Zack.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, TBS, but it’s April and you still haven’t announced a season 3 for King of the Nerds. Maybe you don’t completely understand why the fans need this show to continue. See, as nerds, we are used to being ridiculed. For some of us, that’s happened our whole lives. Some of us can take it, some of us cannot. Aside from our nerdy social circles, I highly doubt that any of us have felt like a “king” to the rest of society. And aside from our nerdy social circles, we are rarely celebrated in such a non-judgmental light. Whether gamer (or gaymer), scientist, mathematician, literary buff, comic book expert, or Japanophile; we were all unified each week in a sense of pride watching nerds battle it out to be crowned as our king.

Each season has brought out something for each of us: examples of how we should/shouldn’t treat each other, ideas and fandoms we may not have given a chance previously, jokes, pride, and laughter. But the most valuable thing King of the Nerds has provided for us is something we need: positive role models! As I said previously, most nerds grow up being ridiculed. Some of us allow ourselves to be destroyed by the peer pressure we receive for merely enjoying things that aren’t exactly popular. KotN gave us 2 kings, Kayla and Celeste, that show us that not only is it “okay” to be nerdy about things, it’s actually pretty damn cool. They’re not only nerdy in their hobbies, they’ve also made a living through being nerds! Where else in reality TV can you find this? (I’ll give you a hint: you can’t!) King of the Nerds celebrates us all. We are not celebrigeeks, we’re your run of the mill, Joe Schmoe nerds. This is why we need a season 3! To continue to celebrate each other, to unify, and to admire positive nerd role models.

I look forward to your announcement that King of the Nerds has been renewed for a third season. Almost as much as I look forward to auditioning for it (*wink*)!



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