King of the Nerds – FINALE!!

Oh myyyyyyy, we have at last come to the finale. Who will be crowned King of the Nerds and finally take their place upon the Throne of Games? Let’s find out!

We begin the episode with a recap of the 7 nerds that were booted from Nerdvana. The remaining 4 pop a bottle of bubbly and toast Zack after a lengthy speech from Jack. Just drink already! The next day, they all wake up and prepare for their day. Brian has on his hobbit slippers and Xander has on… “a Xander outfit.” (My husband informs me that he thinks “these people are annoying.” I rebut with raising the TV volume to drown out his complaints because these are my people. Mwahahahah!! I am drunk with remote control power!!)

The nerds are summoned outside to find the same trivia challenge we saw in Season 1. However, this will knock off 2 nerds immediately this season. Not sure I like that so much. Season 1 knocked a single nerd off at a time but I will hold judgement on that for later. Kayla gets to choose the category and difficulty first and she is the only one to get it correct. (Really guys, you didn’t know Martian Manhunter was an original member of the Justice League?? I don’t even like DC and I know that.) Jack chooses next and is the only to get his question correct. Brian chooses next and all get it correct except for Kayla (nooooooo!). Xander chooses next and all get it correct except for Brian. Kayla is up again and all get it correct except for Xander. *breathes* This means Jack is only 1 point away from being in the final 2 with Kayla at his heels. Jack chooses the easiest category he can and all get it correct. This means Jack is one of the final 2. Who will join him?

Brian chooses the next question and all get it correct except for Kayla (once again, NOOOOOO!!). This means they are all tied and the next to get a correct answer will join Jack. Xander chooses next and Kayla is the only one to get it correct! The last girl standing moves into the final 2!! This will be an amazing final battle. Unfortunately, we do have to say goodbye to the shortest and the tallest nerds to grace Nerdvana (please don’t cry Xander!). No… wait, we won’t be saying goodbye to them at all because they have one last task they must carry out.

In fact, the other 7 banished nerds must help with this task. In Season 1, the banished nerds returned to vote for the winner in a sort of “popularity contest.” Things are different this season, however, and the final 2 nerds must go through something called the Nerd-liminator. They must petition the banished nerds to pledge allegiance to them to help them win this final challenge. As Zack puts it, tonight they party like Ewoks! The thing is, the final 2 are not forgetting that they need to prepare for the final battle. Jack goes around campaigning with everyone he can why he would be a great King and why Kayla wouldn’t. Kayla takes her place in the TARDIS and basically strategizes with everyone else. It appears as though her old teammates will remain on her side out of loyalty, fingers crossed. As the night winds down, we finally get a JWittz rap out of this season!

The next day, “loud shouty guy” (yes, that would be Curtis) calls the nerds to the courtyard! The teams are chosen and Jack lands Kelsy, JWittz, Mary Kate, and Zack, while Kayla lands Nicole, Katie, Chris, Xander, and Brian. This definitely has the element of the Season 1 finale, however these teams will only help bring these final 2 through their challenges. It’s ultimately up to the nerd skills of the final 2!

The nerds take their places in the Throne Room. They must beat 8 nerd challenges in 20 minutes. They may call on 3 nerds from their ranks for only 1 puzzle each. It all comes down to 20 minutes of nerdy challenges to win $100,000 and their place upon the Throne of Games! Kayla smartly moves on from the challenge that she’s not getting easily and understands that she can go back if she has time. Jack eventually gets to this point as well. Kayla asks Brian to help her with the Nerdword Find (smart move!). Jack moves to PacMan which, I must say, is an awesome challenge!! Kayla is on sudoku (ahhhh I wish I could help her on that one, we would bust it out so fast). Zack volunteers to help Jack and proceeds to snap at him for not calling on him sooner. Because this is the best time for that, obviously. Kayla moves to the periodic table puzzle and calls Nicole who helps her fly through it. Jack calls down the JWittz for sudoku help even though he admits he’s not too great at it. Kayla calls on Chris for help with the math question but he declines. Wait… wait. We all thought he was a math wiz but his refusal to help is a bigger puzzle than anything else on the spinning table of challenges…

But apparently he said no because he would be much better at the cypher puzzle! Kayla and Chris easily knock that off the list. Poor Jack and Josh are still struggling with the sudoku while Kayla moves to PacMan. Uh oh, she’s not doing so great on that. Jack also gives up on sudoku and gets Mary Kate to help with the math problem because he doesn’t understand the Star Wars references in the word problems. Time is up and for the moment we have no idea who has won until all puzzles are checked.

Out of a possible 8 games, the final score is 5 to 4. Who wins??? The new King of the Nerds is KAYLA!! Once again, a girl has won the crown and what a girl Kayla is! She’s brainy, she’s into sci-fi… but most of all, she’s accepting to all and she sticks to her morals. Mission accomplished indeed! Very proud to be serving such a wonderful King.


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