King of the Nerds: Episode 6

Holy wow, it’s week 6 of the competition! After a quick recap on last week’s episode, and a goodbye to Katie *sniffles*, we return to Nerdvana with our remaining nerds. Poor Titans of Rigel mourn Katie’s goodbye in the TARDIS and Midas Touch Attack align themselves for the end game. (Yea, we’ll see if that actually keeps.) Chris decides to play some mind games with Jack which is a little sad, because Jack really believes him and apologizes profusely for choosing to shock him.

The next morning at breakfast, Chris continues mind games with Zach this time to place a gap between him and his teammate. He very clearly gets under Zach’s skin, which just cracks me up. Brian nails it on the head by comparing Zach to a young Anakin Skywalker. I cannot think of a better comparison… except maybe Prince Zuko from Book 1 of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

“Shouty-guy” and Bobby call the nerds out for the Nerd War announcement: Sci-Fi week!! They let us know that we’ve been contacted by an intergalactic force who needs help locating George Takei. (OMG yes!!) The laser grid instructions have been relayed to the TARDIS (Radio Shack room) but only 2 people from each team can participate in this competition. Off they go to prepare to save George. Much excite!

Both teams string up practice mazes and MTA decide Jack will go through the maze and Zach will lead him through. On ToR, Brian will go through the maze (since he’s the smallest) and Chris will direct him. This episode is absolutely hilarious because Chris is really, really getting to Zach every chance he gets. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone affect him this well. I feel a little awful taking so much pleasure in this but I just can’t help it. This is a competition after all and I’d prefer a contestant play the game this way rather than with lies and other lame tactics.

We enter the Nerd War and see George in a cage! It’s the job of the contestants to get through their maze, solve a math problem locking the cage, and release George Takei! If they trip a laser, they must remain frozen in place for a whole minute. If they solve the math problem incorrectly, they are penalized 30 seconds. Brian and Jack must don goggles that actually block the lasers and completely trust their teammate guiding them through. Go nerds go! Chris and Brian are going slowly while Jack and Zach are going as fast as possible. Brian actually looks a little Catherine Zeta Jones here, with his bare feet and his little skort. Luckily, Jack and Zach hit a laser and must freeze for a whole minute. Crud, Brian does as well but Chris and Brian spend this time coming up with strategies. Poor George cries out to be saved and it’s almost too much to handle! Someone save Sulu!! Jack gets through the lasers by (get this) jumping and begins working on the math problem. Maybe he can redeem himself in the eyes of George and retrieve his nerd card from him after he revealed that he can’t do the Vulcan hand gesture for “live long and prosper.” Unfortunately, he gets it wrong first try and must wait 30 seconds to try again. This gives Brian a little bit of time to catch up. Go you fuzzy little hobbit, go! Poor Brian keeps running into lasers though, which gives us time for Jack to explain the Fibonacci Sequence. This is how he ends up finding the answer to the math question and MTA frees George and receives their victory hugs! Oh myyyyyy.

For their victory, MTA gets to visit the special effects studio behind the iron man suit and something to do with Avatar. Sorry, I kind of tune out anything about that terrible movie. ToR loses their first challenge and must now go through choosing a member to go to the Nerd Off. MTA debate whether they should vote in Brian or Chris and if they should vote off the strong player or the one they dislike the most. ToR actually discusses this whole thing very openly and reveal who they think is the strongest contestant and who they think will be able to beat them. Poor Kayla is the strongest Sci-Fi nerd left and she worries she’ll be in the Nerd Off. She works at convincing Xander to vote Brian into the Nerd Off, since it would actually be more beneficial to their team to keep Chris. My fingers are crossed Kayla gets to stay because I’ve definitely become #TeamKayla and #TeamXander through this competition.

MTA gets their victory prize and they get to actually see things in progress that haven’t been released to the public yet. Seriously, they have to bleep out anything Jack or Zach discuss after their tour. Speaking from experience, they must be on cloud nine.

The next day, ToR seems to still be up in the air about who they’re voting in because they still assume MTA will be voting in Chris. In the throne room, we look upon the throne of games. Oh yes, that does warrant some beard stroking from Brian. The votes are tallied; MTA votes in Chris and ToR votes in Brian. I’m super impressed with how incredibly mature the members of ToR are. They understand this is a competition that will eventually become a singular game. The Nerd Off will be mix of Sci-Fi trivia and an FPS. They are given 3 hours for studying and the two are really handling this well. Kayla offers her help to both but they decide to just study and practice with their provided Nerf guns. I really feel like this will be an amazing Nerd Off and finally don’t feel  stressed about hoping someone can finally kick Zach off. I’m sure he really enjoyed feeling safe this week as well.

We come into the Nerd Off and Mindy looks quite galactic! Brian and Chris must answer Sci-Fi trivia questions which will gain them 40 rounds of ammo to shoot down an armada of enemy ships. Brian gets the first question correctly and gains 2800 points. Brian also gets the second question correctly and gets himself to 6300. Chris gets the third question right and blasts himself to 3100 points. Chris also gets the fourth correctly and gets to 7800! He’s apparently pretty awesome at shooting. Both get the next question correct, Chris shoots himself to 8900 and Brian shoots to 8700. Oh I’m sweating and there’s just one question last. Both get the last correct (c’mon how could you not know what TARDIS stands for??) Chris gains to 11,200 and Brian ends with 11,400! He won by a hair and knocked off his team’s captain. While congratulating Brian, Chris just asks that he doesn’t let Zach win. This means there are 5 contestants left and there are no longer teams! This just became an individual game. It’s a little sad to watch Chris leave Nerdvana but the preview for the Tron go-carts definitely helped me get over that.

Until next week nerds!


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