King of the Nerds: Episode 5

We start off with a toast to Nicole and Zach actually feels pretty lame beating his “best friend” in the Nerd Off. The next day, Kayla is getting ready in the girls’ bathroom and the unicorn slipper wearing person in the stall next to her is revealed to be Xander. It’s a Xander invasion!! Oh man, my love for him grows every episode.

The next challenge is revealed to be the second annual King of the Nerds Debate!! Topic: Star Trek vs. Star Wars which is perfect because either Kayla or Mary Kate brought this up in the first episode during their introductions. Titans of Rigel must choose who will sit out since they have more members than the other team and after rock, paper, scissors the winning rep from the teams will decide which universe they will defend. Midas Touch Attack wins RPS and chooses Star Wars. After learning their topics back in their war rooms (as well as yelling “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” through the hallways), Titans of Rigel choose Xander to sit out because… well, he has the red shirt. Okay and he doesn’t know much about Star Trek. Kayla is a total Trekker and Chris is amazing at debate so again, it looks like they have a strong team.

MTA divvy up their topics but poor Jack hasn’t seen anything having to do with Star Trek or Star Wars. Good thing they’re allowed a day for studying! (Which, I must admit, is a pretty awesome thing about these nerd challenges; they’re expected to study!!) In the gold dormitory, Jack admits that he doesn’t know what the Rebel Alliance is or how someone becomes a jedi. Katie is in the purple dormitory and I don’t really blame her. But unfortunately, she admits that she knows nothing about Star Trek. Don’t show them your cards purple pixie!!!! It’s a good thing they love her so much and don’t care to take advantage of this weakness.

The next day, the second annual King of the Nerds debate begins in front of a live audience. I’m not a huge fan of this but it actually seems to be a smaller audience than the first season. So I’ll get over it. The judges are revealed to be Gordon Stables (expert on debate), Kumail Nanjiani (comedian and nerd podcaster), and Lando… I mean Billy Dee Williams (like I need to tell you who he is). The first topic (Star Trek’s USS Enterprise would beat the Millennium Falcon in a dogfight) features Kayla vs. Katie. Kayla definitely knows her facts, but Katie implements jokes within her facts and hits some nerd funny bones in the audience. Katie wins this round!

Topic two (The Empire in Star Wars is a more dangerous adversary than the Borg in Star Trek) features Chris vs. Zach. Zach actually composes himself but forgets all about the Sith and focuses on the Death Star, and Chris focuses on the fact that the Empire chooses fear as their weapon but he seems to forget where he’s going a couple of times or it’s very possible that my sound cut out a couple of times. I’m going to guess it was my sound cutting out because Chris wins this round which makes the teams even!

Topic three (The Star Wars universe is better than the Star Trek universe) features Brian vs. Jack. Jack uses real life fan statistics and actually gets the audience to laugh fairly often, Brian focuses on how much Star Trek has actually affected the world around us. The judges somehow throw Jack for a loop and he completely admits that he has never seen either Star Wars or Star Trek. Oh. No. I think bs’ing yourself through an answer would have been better. Brian inevitably wins, probably for actually knowing what he was talking about. ToR’s reward is to have dinner with the original cast of the Revenge of the Nerds, including Curtis and Bobby. I am so jealous!!!

Back at Nerdvana, Zach and Jack figure for their own survival they need to vote Katie into the Nerd Off. Luckily they are very upfront with her about it so she can talk to ToR. Chris decides to talk to Jack to convince him to not vote Katie in. They really have a good point, that an alliance with Zach won’t go too far because this will not always be a team competition.

The next day, in the Throne Room we look upon the Throne of Games in awe (good hair toss Kayla!). The votes are tallied and we learn that ToR vote in Jack and MTA vote in Katie. Their challenge is a bizarre nerdcentric spelling bee. ToR barricade themselves in the TARDIS to help Katie who is unfortunately bad at spelling but has some great help. Jack and Zach are going over nerd words, but Zach apparently isn’t a great tutor because he often tells Jack he’s incorrect when he’s not.

Luckily there’s a commercial break because this Nerd Off is getting me tense! The Vanilla Ice TMNT commercial definitely helped me relax. It’s hilarious in so many unintentional ways.

Stress break over and we’re back! The spelling bee is held in a library and I’m pretty sure Brian has a nerdgasm from all of the books. Dare I say, he gets a little Dewey. (Get it?!?!) The nerds in the Nerd Off get to choose someone to receive a shock for every incorrect answer they give. Brian volunteers for Katie and Jack chooses Chris. Frighteningly, the ones holding the shocking devices are the ones that have to reveal whether or not they got the word correct by either being shocked or not. Eesh!

This is tense because Jack gets a chance to win but misses it by an “n.” Unfortunately, however, a word he’s been practicing comes up next: Kashyyyk and wins this Nerd Off. Honestly though I would rather Katie be beaten by anyone other than Zach. I’m getting pretty tired of that guy knocking off nerds that I love. Then again, the little purple pixie must now leave Nerdvana and that bums me out. Now I only have Kayla and Xander to root for! Go forth, little puppet master, and continue being awesome!

Next week features George Takei somehow. Really, I think that wins all the things. Can’t wait!


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