King of the Nerds: Episode 4

Yay it’s Thursday again! You know what that means, it’s King of the Nerds time. Who goes this week? Let’s find out!

After a quick recap and farewell to Mary Kate (*sniffles*), the nerds return to Nerdvana. Drinks are clinked in MK’s memory but Zach chokes on his. Ell oh ell. They also play a round of Never Have I Ever: Nerd Edition. I’ve only played the dirty edition so this was pretty awesome to watch. I will have to try this version some time.

Our hosts call the nerds out to the front of Nerdvana the next day. Bobby is looking like C3P0 and Curtis is wearing some classic dodge ball gear. And guess who called this one?? The teams must now be evened out since Midas Touch Attack only has 3 members. Each Titans of Rigel team member must pull a token from a bag. The one to draw a gold token is the one that switches over to the dark side…. Katie draws first and she draws the gold token which means she must now switch teams. Oh no!

That’s okay, because it’s engineering week! The nerds have 24 hours to build 4 robots. They will enter an arena for Robot Dodge Ball versus the other team’s robots. Xander throws a glitter fit (seriously, I love this guy) since he doesn’t have much experience with robotics and MTA celebrate because they just gained the robotics expert. Also, Nicole is apparently pretty awesome at dodge ball. Who knew?

Inside the TARDIS, the nerds gather their kits and head to their war rooms. Except Zach… he can barely lift his. (I’d also like to point out these large boxes, though heavy, do have wheels….) The ToR decide to build their bots themed as Titans which I’ll admit was a really awesome idea from Kayla. Katie tries to help MTA out by giving them a pretty good plan but the poor girl is having to deal with Zach eff around with the dodge ball in their war room. I do not have that girl’s patience, I probably would have pelted him with it. ToR definitely don’t seem to be hurting too much from Katie leaving. Seriously, they’re all science-brainy on that team. Kayla used to play hockey as well so she has a pretty great throwing arm. This totally makes up for Bryan, who can’t throw very far or very hard. Silly hobbitses.

Here’s the lame thing: Katie ends up crying again. This isn’t lame because she cries. It’s lame because she’s the robotics expert; she should excel in this challenge but she’s been placed on the team that’s very disorganized and accident prone and it’s possible she may not end up winning in the challenge that she should kick ass in. It’s lame that it pushes her to the point that she expects failure. I think, if I had worked hard on something, only to have someone cut the wires and then sit on my work… yea, I’d cry out of frustration too.

On to the next day, where the nerds bring their bots to the war field. This week’s judges are Matt Winston (cofounder of the Stan Winston School) and his giant robot, NerdBot. Seriously though, this is not even a robot, it’s a mech. Kamina would so pwn with this thing! ToR decided to change their theme so that their bots were their own personal TARDIS, which is pretty awesome. MTA doesn’t have a huge theme, but they have Katie and her special effects knowledge shines through. NerdBot quips back and forth over the bots, which is hilarious. ToR wins over the first part of thecompetition, which was over looks and functions of their robots. This means MTA must lose a bot. Jack’s bot, which is deemed the least impressive, is smashed by NerdBot and he seems to crave more smashing because all he talks about after that is crushing a nerd. The next part of this challenge is the actual dodge ball part. Two bots enter the arena while 2 nerds from the other team try to hit them. It’s pretty impressive that the bots on both sides end up lasting longer than I ever did in gym class!

After the first round, ToR are in the lead by just 10 seconds. MTA closes the gap pretty well in the second round, but since Jack’s bot was destroyed already, only Zach can drive a bot against 2 opponents. He just needs to last 30 seconds to win. Right out of the gate, Zach gets the bot stuck on the curb and gets hit immediately. This makes him completely fall apart and poor Katie doesn’t look like she even wants to be here at this point. I will give it to Chris though, since he notices Zach having a hard time he tells his team not to rub it in. What a good guy!

ToR team members each win $1,000 worth of tools (i.e. toys) from Radio Shack! That’s pretty awesome. Also awesome is that Zach finally admits that he messed up and he takes responsibility. But after all of the awesome, the teams need to decide who they will send to the Nerd Off. Finally they’re getting worried about the point that there are no more teams. ToR decides on Nicole because she not only has a good chance to beat Zach but if she loses then a big competitor is gone. However, it looks like MTA may not actually be voting Zach in unanimously. Maybe.

We join them all in the Throne Room and we look upon the Throne of Games once again. Ahh who doesn’t want to sit upon that thing? ToR unanimously vote Nicole into the Nerd Off and MTA vote in Zach. Turns out Nicole lied to Zach about not voting him in and she so badly wants to beat him. For the Nerd Off, they will be facing a horde of zombies in a game of Zombie Nerd Plunk. I can only imagine the horror for Katie is she’s stuck with Jack and Zach… please Nicole win this!! They both head to the TARDIS and practice playing Kerplunk online. It’s all about strategy!

We head to the Nerd Off and I hope these zombies look familiar to you KOTN fans! (Yes, Season 1 nerds, Genevieve, Josh and Ivan are in that cage.) They rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first. Zach wins and announces he’s the champ of R, P, S… ooookay then. This episode is incredibly punny and that’s awesome. I love cheesy jokes. But this competition is really tense! Not just because of the zombies, and not just because they each get so close to losing, but mostly because Zach complains the whole time and Nicole actually tries to comfort him! And of course, she loses in the end… What a champ. I will truly miss her and I’m really worried about Katie in the next round. Seriously, I don’t know if I could handle Zach and Jack as my only teammates. We will just have to wait another week to see how she fairs.


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