King of the Nerds: Episode 3

Another week is gone and we’ve had to say goodbye to yet another nerd. But who goes and who stays? Here’s my recap of this week’s episode.

After a quick recap that says goodbye to JWittz (aka The People’s Nerd), the nerds return to the house in a very somber manner. In the gold bedroom, poor Jack has to avoid telling Zach that he’s sad Josh is gone. Team Midas Touch Attack desperately tries to tell Zach that he needs to chillax for the team to have a chance but it seems to go over his head. Afterall, he is the Forsaken.

The next day, Curtis and Bobby summon the nerds outside where they announce the new challenge: LARPing! If you are new to what larping is, it stands for Live Action Role Playing. I personally have not had much exposure to the world of larp except for the video we often referenced in college.

Oh, and of course the Supernatural episodes with Felicia Day. That actually made larping look pretty awesome. Anywho, my favorite part is Xander explaining that pretending to be a character is larping, even if you’ve done it in the bedroom. He’s so cheeky! One of the Titans of Rigel must sit this challenge out because they have too many people on their team. If they’d stop winning, this wouldn’t be an issue. Off the teams go to their war rooms and ToR decide Kayla can sit out since she’s not into improv. I just want to point out, however, that she was probably the best performer at the science fair last week. But hey, whatever! Chris is a trooper and decides that even though he doesn’t understand larpers he’ll help the team out.

MTA splits the roles but Zach and Jack get a little caught up on whether or not monks use weapons. I’m feeling some passive aggressiveness here! It really comes to a head when Zach feels the need to over explain himself to Mary Kate and she doesn’t stoop to his level. Shame, shame on you Mary Kate for not wishing to act like an immature young person with a superiority complex! After a Little Ceasar’s break (((product placement HO!))), Nicole decides to play some mind games with Zach to get him to actually help his team instead of sulking in the TARDIS… I mean, RadioShack room. (Seriously, I want to live at Nerdvana. Must have all the things!) After some nudging, ego stroking, candy, and hugs, Zach decides to start writing.

ToR are in full swing with costumes, scripts, props, and are running through their whole performance. MTA seem to still be lacking in the team spirit. This is when Jack decides to make something drastic happen. In the bathroom. But what? We shall see!

All larpers are summoned to this epic stadium to meet their judges: Kevin Sorbo, Yaya Han, and Jon Heder. Of course, Mary Kate admits that her nerd boner has just hit her in the face. I love this girl, she just says what comes to her mind! MTA gets the first performance and Jack is bald! Way to commit to the role of monk! They also reveal that they’re improving the whole thing. So what exactly did Zach spend all night writing? I’m sure this would have worked at Comic Con but it just seems like Zach could have actually written something a little more concrete for them to go off of.

The stage belongs to ToR now and right off the bat it seems to be more structured. Their Bard tells the story as they go. Katie and Xander also seem to be an unstoppable performance team as they sing and dance and fight. It’s rather hilarious and if all larping were like this, I would love watching it. The teams listen to the judges give their opinions and Nicole continues to stay in character. I figured ToR would have a huge advantage since Xander isn’t just a gaymer, he’s also a drama nerd. It also helps that Katie interns on Sesame Street. The count is in and indeed, ToR has won again and they get to go to a dinner theatre pirate show as VIP (Very Important PIRATES). MTA must also be cut down to three contestants.

It’s pretty obvious to everyone that MTA will be voting Zach in. Poor Mary Kate tries to explain to him why she’s voting the way she is and Zach goes a little crazy. Maybe that’s his defense mechanism but the thing is, the way he acts is the reason why nerds can have such a bad reputation. He’s immature, dramatic and loses all self control. Personally, I think he’s not only making nerds look bad, he’s also making all undead WoW players look bad. I have met many a Zach behind UD characters unfortunately. ToR decide to put up the “weakest” link on the other team so they can keep Zach around to tear his team apart. I have to say, I’m with Kayla on this one! She doesn’t like playing a game with people and would rather get rid of Zach. If you ask me, if ToR continues to win Nerd Wars and tears MTA down to two contestants, my guess is that the game will have to even out the teams. I have a feeling this game plan of theirs may end up biting them in the ass.

We convene in the Throne Room as the nerds admire the Throne of Games while a large, slow motion fan begins to tousle their hair back. Soak in this epic moment nerds! Curtis gets straight to the point and asks Mary Kate about the rough night. It is revealed that MTA has unanimously voted Zach into the Nerd Off. ToR unanimously vote in Mary Kate.

The adorable aerospace, well-rounded nerd with her big anime bows. They take the knee in front of the throne and learn that they will be going into a tabletop Nerd War called Battle Hammer! They also need to have an adviser to help them play. Mary Kate asks Jack and Zach asks the other team. No one steps up and Zach is stuck in a room all alone learning how to play this game. After sitting alone for a while, Zach finds the rest of the nerds and pleads for an adviser. He brings up that the nerdiest thing is really not being wanted. “We have to at least want each other,” he pleaded. As great as this speech is, Mary Kate informs him that he has to stop bullying every one in the house. You guys, this was very emotionally rough for me to watch. For one reason, because the nerds were not accepting of him. For another reason, because Zach completely missed that he has been the bully in the house and every nerd knows that bullies are our arch nemesis.

We finally see the huge Battle Hammer game, which is basically a nerdier version of Battleship except that you can choose to “defend” and move your pieces according to your roll of the dice. I just want to point out how incredibly epic Mary Kate is, sitting in her little throne with no shoes. I’m a barefoot girl as well and this just solidified my love for her. MK opens with defending and Zach opens with attacking. Even though Zach hits, this is actually better for MK since she knows that Zach’s pieces are grouped together. Blow for blow, the Battle Hammer dwarves destroy the players’ pieces. Jack uses his probability skills and Chris just sits there enjoying the sunshine since Zach has no use for him. Until, that is, Mary Kate takes down too many of Zach’s units. Zach decides to defend and moves a single archer. This single move leads to Zach’s victory since Mary Kate cannot locate it in time. The fact that Xander’s eyes welled up with tears as the victor was announced made me super emotional as well.

On her way out, Mary Kate explains to him that he absolutely has to stop bullying everyone in the house. Sadly, she also tweeted this:

If that was them being kind then I’m pretty happy I didn’t make it on this season. I’m not sure I would have been able to handle Zach and his poor attitude. Oh well, farewell Mary Kate. Keep tweeting often, because otherwise I would miss you too much!

Can’t wait to see the Robot Dodgeball episode next week! But who will go and what drama will ensue? I’m really hoping for none, but we will have to wait and see.


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