King of the Nerds: Episode 2

Yay: another week, another episode of King of the Nerds!

Less of a yay: we have to say good bye to another geek. But who was to go? Currently the teams are:

Midas Touch Attack: Zach, Josh, Mary Kate, Nicole, Jack
Titans of Rigel: Katie, Brian, Xander, Chris, Kayla

The episode begins with them all raising a glass to Kelsey (the last nerd kicked off) and Jack admits he thought she was the cutest girl in the house so now he has less distractions to worry about. What a playa! (Also, my guess is he would have been so screwed with the season 1 ladies.) After reminding us that we nerds are known for being uncoordinated, we are introduced to the next challenge: science! Which is weird because Curtis’s tweet leading up to this episode was all about teh maths.

The nerds are sent into Nerdvana to find their new secret war rooms and begin building a volcano for the first KOTN Science Fair. What’s really odd this season is that a majority of the nerds have a science background in one way or another. Xander, Josh, Zach, and Brian seem to be the only non-science-y nerds.

Honestly, I felt a little bad for Kayla in this one since I totally feel her pain with groups wanting to focus on everything but what really matters with the project (you know, the facts instead of the fluff). And I was definitely on Josh’s side when he said this was a science fair, not a talent show. If any of these nerds watched season 1, then they know they will be judged by experts from the field.

I’m trying my very best to not be judgmental with Zach throughout this episode. I know this is a reality show, however I also know that some things are edited to make the episodes as entertaining as possible. So this episode makes Zach look like a super prick. There were a few episodes in season 1 that did the same to Virgil but by the end of the season, he ended up being one of my favorites. At this point, I just don’t want to label Zach as a prick. It’s tempting to hide within the interwebs and think that I can call anyone out that I want to, but to be honest, I also know this guy is a real person and I don’t want to be an ass that just labels someone I don’t actually know. So yes, this whole paragraph is basically to say that they made a huge effort to make Zach look like an immature jerk. He took “naps” while teammates Mary Kate and Josh worked hard to prepare their volcano (Mount Doooooooom!) and got super touchy when Josh didn’t want to sing or beat box for their presentation. But they weren’t the only team with some drama going on.

Kayla wanted so badly to focus on the science, while Katie wanted so badly to show off her special effects abilities (realistic or not). This lead to Katie crying in the bathroom but who knows what was going on with her. Some times women just have these things called emotions! Who hasn’t cried in a bathroom? Don’t act like you haven’t.

Drama or no, both teams made it to the science fair and met their panel of judges: Bill Nye the Science Guy (like he needs an introduction), Blake Marggraff (19-year old winner of the Intel Science and Engineering Fair), and Mayim Bialik (don’t act like you didn’t know she has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience). Teams were being judged on their scientific facts as well as presentation. I’d also like to point out that there is no live audience watching. That was one thing that really bothered me about the first season since nerds aren’t exactly known for doing well in front of audiences that they know are judging everything they do. So this makes me happy!

The Titans of Rigal go overboard with their theatrical presentation from the future. Yellowstone apparently destroys the US and we need to beg an Ambassador from Great Britain for aid? Poor Brian gets a fact wrong and Bill Nye actually calls him out in the end. Other than that, the theatrical effect goes over well.

Midas Touch Attack is lead by Jack who’s doing an impression of Bill Nye. They don’t show the girls presenting but I’m assuming they did something and it was just cut for time. The crowning moment, according to Nicole, is when The One Ring is dropped into Mount Doom but unfortunately Jack drops it and isn’t able to find it. Maybe Jack should be known as Gollum. This leaves their volcano without any lava which now makes sense why they showed so much of their chemical prep work because we know what their effects could have looked like.

The judges vote and Titans of Rigel end up winning private time with Bill Nye. I’m pretty jealous, I loved growing up with his show Bill Nye the Science Guy and watching him on reruns of Almost Live in college. This also means that Midas Touch Attack must put up one nerd for the Nerd Off and know that the winning team will be doing the same. Zach of course wants Jack to go up for elimination for blowing their presentation. Sadly, it seems his team thinks Zach needs to go. Poor kid even gets drunk off of a single (?) shot and corners teammates to get them to vote his way.

On the other team, Xander rightfully guesses that the challenge will be science based. The game plan for purple is to set up the nerd most likely to fail as well as keep the drama in the gold camp. Very crafty!

The nerds are called to the throne room (which I’m guessing is in a completely different location than the house). The votes are revealed and Midas votes in Zach (quelle surprise). Zach is surprised because, according to him, he lead the whole thing. Josh disagrees and of course Bobby and Curtis call him out in front of everyone and ask him to share his disagreements. Drama ensues and the biggest (read: lamest) reveal comes when they show the Titans of Rigel have voted Josh into the Nerd Off. This will obviously be a drama filled Nerd Off. And full of awkward hugs. Eesh.

They are given a couple of hours to research alien and human anatomy since they will be required to do an alien autopsy. Of course, the gold team decides to help Josh study since they want so badly for him to stay. Xander offers to help Zach since the purple team desperately hopes the drama can stay and tear apart their competition.

(By the way, the best part of this hour for me was the commercial for the expansion to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter happening this Summer. UHM… YES PLEASE!!! I need to save up for a Firebolt or some Floo Powder!)

On to the Nerd Off! Mindy is there looking like an adorable little green alien. Bobby is cut open on the table and needs some alien organ transplants. Josh and Zach must listen to the description of what the organ does, throw it into a jar, and wait for the other person to do the same. The first to choose correctly gets the point and they only need three points to win. Zach gets the first point and some how they both get next organ, the heart, wrong. Seriously? Four chambers, powered by electric impulses. How did they not think heart? They give it another go and Zach ends up with the second point. My head was screaming “Noooooooo! Not the Pokemon master!” Maybe that helped because Josh gets the next point. Phew! They both throw their next guesses into the jar and it’s too close to easily tell who put theirs in first.

I’m a teepee. I’m a wigwam. I’m a teepee. I’m a wigwam. RELAX MAN, YOU’RE TWO TENTS!

We come back from commercial break and the playback reveals Zach was actually first. This means Zach has three points and has won. I was pretty devastated to see Josh lose. That guy is hilarious and I was really looking forward to watching him throughout the challenges. Cue another awkward team hug here and fairwell to Josh. It’s a good thing Josh has an awesome YouTube channel I can easily watch. Otherwise I’d be fairly bummed every Thursday.

Definitely looking forward to next week’s episode with the cosplay competition. They’ve revealed that Jon Heder will be there but I’m also pretty sure Yaya Han will be there too!


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