King of the Nerds: Episode 1

If you have followed me from the beginning, then you know my audition to King of the Nerds is what sparked my vlogging/blogging habit. This eventually grew into a YouTube channel that I share with a few friends and a Facebook page for geekly updates. Whereas I am still bummed that I didn’t make it on the show, the whole experience really just helped to bloom my nerd confidence. Now that that little disclaimer is out of the way, let’s move on to the premier of the second season of King of the Nerds!!

The episode starts in a very similar fashion to the first season: Robert Carradine narrating in his sexy lady voice. It seems the Nerd King, Celeste, has fallen and the Elder Nerds were able to escape to a new and improved Nerdvana! Enter the new fellowship of nerds and… wait… is that a short chick with purple pixie hair?? She’s adorbs and I’m beginning to understand why I didn’t get on this season. The team captains are chosen and the nerds are unleashed into Nerdvana to go forth and get to know each other better, man. But wait, they must choose the teams carefully because they know that the nerds know about last season’s twist and there will be something else this season to keep them on their toes. Which is awesome because they’ve not only changed the game here, they’ve also already announced that they’ve changed how the game will end. So far this is amounting to an awesome season!

The new Nerdvana seems pretty rad! Not just one Frostmourne swords, but two. The RadioShack room is hidden inside a grey TARDIS and it definitely is bigger on the inside. I have to say, out of all of the nerds so far I’m in love with Xander, the gaymer. JWittz totally has my vote as well because I love his YouTube channel. At this point, if I see either of these go I might not watch the show (for a week)…

So the team picking twist was moreso a twist upon the old twist. Yes, it is incredibly nerdy to be the last one picked for a team (been there!). But it is even far nerdier to be kicked off a team. It seems so heart breaking to work at getting on this show and then get placed into the Nerd Off in the first episode. Anywho, the teams place team captain Chris and Kelsey in the Nerd Off and I have to confess something here. As soon as I heard the Harry Potter-esque music, I was incredibly jealous that I wasn’t doing this challenge!! Nerditch, the King of the Nerds version of Quidditch sounds way too fun. Also, I just wanted to be BFF’s with Xander for his Hufflepuff shirt. DO WANT!

The whole Nerd Off was definitely fun to watch. I’ll admit, I would have gotten the Princess Bride question wrong as well since I haven’t read the book in so long. But at least these two had a bit of fun before one had to go. Sad that Kelsey was the losing nerd since she seemed so upbeat and kind. I definitely think Chris has a bigger chance to win more challenges though.

Can’t wait for next week!! Who do you think will be the one nerd to rule them all?


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