Nerdfessions: Video Game Movie Edition

While browsing through my Facebook feed, I happened upon a Kotaku article rightfully titled Hey, Take It Easy On The First Resident Evil Movie. The author Kirk Hamilton confesses his love for the first Resident Evil film and though CinemaSins has taken the time to point out all of the problems with the film (in 7 minutes… or so) that Kirk continues to love the film.

I must Nerdfess to you all… The Resident Evil movies are my favorite video game movies. Granted, they’re far-from-the-actual-video-game-but-we’ll-throw-in-random-game-characters-for-lulz but I still love them. They are ridiculous and campy, even up to the point of unnecessary but I just don’t care. Yes, there are loads of plot holes and they have pretty much no connection whatsoever to the Resident Evil games aside from the random character/baddie they throw in for fun. But I really, really don’t care! They’re just fun to watch.

Do I feel like I’m failing my fellow nerd when I love these movies so hard? Yes. Yes I do. I am definitely sorry for those of you that went into any of these movies expecting something remotely similar to the games. I really wish these movies were called something different. Maybe Alice Vs. The Umbrella Corp or Not Actually Resident Evil. So there you have it. I understand if you decide to hate me because of this but I for one feel loads better nerdfessing to the entire internet.

Have any nerdfessions for me? Go ahead and air it out in the comments!


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