Breaking Into the Female Gaming Group

It’s not exactly the biggest secret that a percentage of ladies can be pretty catty. I’m sure somewhere along our DNA strands it’s just programmed in there. A majority of women have either found a way to suppress this unnecessary gene or were lucky enough to be born without it. I myself have suffered from it for close to 30 years now but I promise I only use my powers for good. Ladies, if you’re reading this, stick with me here because I swear to you that I’m going somewhere with this: why it’s awesome to have female gamers on your side!

When I started WoW, my friends and I built our own guild and were fairly selective about who we invited in. Mostly, we played with RL friends or friends of friends. I never had to worry about breaking in the female group of the guild because I was the first. My experience with this whole thing came after I joined a totally different guild after a short hiatus from the game. I have noticed it ever since every time I come up against a female gamer already established in a group. Here are the different female gamers you may come up against as another female:

  • The [legendary] lady to completely embraces you. She doesn’t care if you’re quiet or chatty or even a little bitchy, she just loves you. Any time you log in she /hugs you. And she does it with many (genuine) exclamation points.
  • The [superior] lady to makes it pretty clear that she doesn’t trust you. This is a majority of the female gamers you may come up against. That’s not to say that this entire group is catty either, they’re just difficult to become friends with.
  • The girl that believes the existence of her breasts means every male gamer should not just drool all over her but also run her through instances, give her free mats (she might break a nail farming them herself), and skip rolling on a rare drop because she thinks it would be perfect for her alt (that she never plays). She’ll even beg you on TS in her whiniest sexiest voice. She’s the equivalent to a grey item (also known as [vendor trash]), mostly because she gives the rest of us a bad name.
  • There’s also the [rare] lady that isn’t rushing to /hug everyone that logs in but she doesn’t dislike you either. She’s neutral. Which is nice.

Here is why, in my experience, the [superior] girls make it difficult to break into a group of gamers and why that’s actually a good thing. Fellas, I’m talking to you here. If we are in your clan/guild/gaming group, it means we like playing with you. For the most part, we enjoy hanging out with you online. Sure some of you can be jackasses, we even loathe a few of you for your sexist remarks, and anyone below 13 years old is likely to be /blocked for your undeniably immature attitude about everything. Even with all of these things, we still happen to like you because you’re a part of our clan/guild/gaming group. We also happen to know that when that [vendor trash] chick comes around, some of you turn into heaps of drool because “omg bewbs!!” Trust me, I’ve seen quite a few guildmates fall in to the [vendor trash] trap. They power lvl’d, gave mats, stepped down from spending dkp on items, and plenty of other things in exchange for pictures of RL girls, private Teamspeak rooms, phone sex, and other /flirts. I’ve also seen the girls move on as soon as they had whatever the wanted. It happens, but you must know we don’t really enjoy seeing our friends being taken advantage of.

This is why, every new girl is a grey until she proves to be otherwise. In my experience at least, I get really tired of seeing my guildmates getting walked all over by girls. If that means that I have to throw my cattiness at some girl to chase her off to save them the time, then I will. However, this doesn’t mean that I don’t love it when a fellow female gamer proves me wrong. So you see, groups of gamer girls can be very difficult to break into but every guy around them should be grateful for that. And honestly, to me, it means a guild/clan/gaming group is worth joining if you see these ladies guarding the gates.


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