How to Survive the World of FPS

If you’ve been following along, then you know FPS games make me incredibly sick (apparently this is called “simulation sickness,” who knew!). So much so that it’s really quite hilarious. Every attempt I’ve made to play Killzone Shadow Fall has been full of NOPE! and DO NOT WANT! I wish I had a PS camera because I’d love to share the hilarity. And here’s a little confession, dear blogverse: I suck at console FPS games. I’m not so bad with PC FPS, since I’m better with a mouse than triggers on a controller, but I definitely can’t play long. I want to get better at both, which requires non-nauseating practice. That is why I am throwing together this guide on how I’ve been able to stave off feeling sick and how you can too! (By the way, if you’re one of those freaks of nature that have never experienced this, I’m sure you can sense my jealousy through just how pointedly I am punching the keys to write this sentence. Take that!)

First: Set up your gaming lair

  • Turn off/down all lights in the room. Different levels of darkness can help.
  • Sit far away from the screen and (if possible) at an angle. Honestly, the angle is what allows me to play longer. Smaller screens are easier as well, though this does sort of ruin the gaming experience overall.

Second: Do the gaming workout

  • Build your resistance slowly. Short bursts are definitely lame, but you’ll eventually be able to build up to an amount of time you’d prefer.
  • Game often / rest often. Game once a day until you’re close to sick then rest for the rest of the day. Just don’t break for a week or longer, since that will reset your resistance.
  • Keep head movement to a minimum. If you pause the game or need to look away first close your eyes, turn your head away from the screen, and then open yours eyes.
  • Keep It Simple Stupid. So no, no barrel rolls!

Other helpful materials

  • Ginger/ginger ale. Also wonderful to have on hand just in case you end up playing past your limit since this quiets down the nausea.
  • Dramamine. And other seasickness/motion sickness medications.

Hopefully this helps you! Simulation sickness is a serious medical condition that effects 20%-50% of gamers and should be treated immediately. Okay… I stole that wording from some other actual serious illness. Truth is, though, it definitely sucks when you can’t really enjoy your new game/any game everyone else loves. Hopefully these tips can help you get on track to finally enjoying the FPS life.

Do you have different techniques? Let me know!


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