Adventures in Backseat Gaming

I finally got to really play my PlayStation 4 last night! Okay… so I have played it, but not for very long since all we had were FPS games and if you follow my blog/YouTube then you know FPS games make me sick. However, thanks to a generous Christmas gift card, I purchased Assassin’s Creed 4. As long as I sat at an angle to the TV, I was having glorious pirate fun! Until, that is, my husband decided that I “sucked” at Assassin’s Creed 4 and he could run my mission far better than I could. Which is why, dear blogverse, I have put together this handy guide of Do’s and Don’ts to Backseat Gaming (which he and I both could have used). I hope this brings as much peace to your couch as it has ours!

DO: Remember every one games in different styles.

For example, I learned from Zelda and Final Fantasy that you should be very thorough in exploring where you are. I’m definitely an RPG gamer. My husband is an FPS gamer. Shoot first, ask questions later, and if he happens to stumble upon something cool, well then that’s rad. Neither are wrong.

DON’T: Take over.

If the other gamer plays in a different style, this is not an invitation to shout “YER DOING IT WRONG!” and take over the controller. Unless they ask for help, then it’s game on.

DO: Offer helpful tips.

Is their target hiding to the left? Did you see that last fragment for their achievement? Let them know in your least bossy tone.

DON’T: Point and lol because they’re liek totes a n00b.

Seriously, how old are we? Besides, you might possibly come to see in the worst possible, eat-your-words sort of way that it’s the game mechanics and not the gamer.

DO: Have fun.

Anything that’s worth doing is fun. If it’s not, you’re probably doing it wrong.


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