The Time of the Doctor Review

Did I say I was going to post here at least once a week? Silly, silly me! Sorry for my neglect, blogverse, I hope you will forgive me with this little post on The Time of the Doctor, or what most are just simply calling “The Doctor Who Christmas Special.”

This episode received a filled_starfilled_starfilled_starfilled_starempty_star tear rating with a bonus lip quiver.

I didn’t cry as much as I expected but oddly (or more appropriately, OODLY) I enjoyed this special more than The Day of the Doctor. Weird, since I’m a big fan of 10. Anywho, if you have not watched the latest special I’d recommend turning off whatever digital device you’re using to read this and go watch it before moving on. Because, sweetie, this will be riddled with spoilers!

Though I loved this special, there were definitely some moments that made me shake my head. The worst being the regeneration scene. If you blinked you may have missed Smith changing over to Capaldi. I guess that just cements it with Whovians that you should never blink. Seriously, don’t blink. To be completely honest, the entire last bit of the special felt rushed. I think the best regeneration scene thus far was from Tennant to Smith since it gave us enough time to get really emotional about 10 leaving and gave us enough time to giggle over 11. 12 just felt like an invader but that’s possibly because we’re going from the youngest body to one of the oldest. I’m still on the fence with 12 but I have no problem giving him a chance come August.

From the wake of the Christmas Special I’ve read some silly fan theories, come up with some on my own, and then squashed a good portion of them in my head. The latest that I read last night was on my favorite moment of the entire episode: the return of Amy. Well, okay, to say she returned is incredibly inaccurate since she was merely a figment of 11’s imagination. I personally thought that Amy was the first and last face 11’s face saw was absolutely perfect. It was the moment that made me cry my eyes out like a little baby and I loved it. If you ask me, there was no better way for Matt to leave the show.


However, I read from another blogger last night exactly the opposite. In their opinion, the illusion of Amy instead portrayed Clara as unimportant. I agree. However, that was the impression I had received through most of the episode, not just when Amy showed up. We see this when 11 introduces Clara as his… erm, what exactly is she to 11? And when 11 changes his mind about Tasha being able to say anything in front of Clara. And then being sent home, twice! The last time after he promised he wouldn’t ever do that to her again. (Rule #1!)

As amazing as Clara is, and as much as I love her, she has always felt on par with Martha Jones for me. Okay… not as bad as Martha but I’m sure you know what I mean. Clara has pretty much taken a back seat to a lot of women in the Doctor’s life; River, Amy, even Tasha. The only time Clara seemed to be praised by the Doctor was when he used her to bring Tasha back to fight against the Dalek inside her. (“Now that is a real woman!”) Though the Doctor and Clara have been connected throughout his life (and regens) it seems that Clara only remembers her current timeline. She really has no other reason for being the Impossible Girl except to save the Doctor, which isn’t true for him. His purpose exists outside of his companions.

Another fun, yet very incorrect, fan speculation was that Amy was Clara’s gran. I wish we didn’t know Amy’s date of death because I would love to believe this one.

Moments cried:

  1. Clara getting sent home a second time.
  2. When Clara explained to the Time Lords why they should help the Doctor.
  3. The Doctor being granted a regeneration from the Time Lords.
  4. Lip quiver bonus – “Raggedy Man, goodnight.”

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