Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks!

Welcome to my incredibly overdo random fandom Gift Guide! If writing your wish list makes you a bit holi-dazed, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together this handy dandy little guide for your friends and family to help you out. Or maybe you’ve got a nerdy significant other and you just can’t figure out what to get them this year. Fear not! For I have scoured the web and have ideas-a-plenty for some unique fandom gifts.


If it’s a gift for a Harry Potter fan that you seek, Noble Collection is easily a great place to start. I recommend the Marauder’s Map to get your Potterhead to solemnly swear that they are up to no good.

Obviously, photo belongs to Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

If you’d rather get something a little more rare, then check out the Ashley Bridget magic collection.

Photo belongs to Ashley Bridget

So this is one for the ladies, but if she truly desires nothing more than to attend Hogwarts, this bracelet may very well make up for that. The deathly hallows, golden snitch and owl charms may cast the confundus charm on your Secret Santa, but totally in a good way. Like in a “how did you find such a perfect gift?” kind of way.


Etsy shops are definitely the way to go for charmed 8-bits of gear. Rainbow Darkness Studio has too many adorably awesome things, so I recommend starting with her 8-bit pixel art, anything to do with Navi, and the health and mana potions. (FYI: Her cut off date for Christmas orders is December 18 for US orders.) She also has great things for other fandoms like Star Wars, Disney, Buffy, Supernatural, and loads of others!

Image belongs to Rainbow Darkness

I suggest writing something in the card along the lines of: It’s dangerous to go out there alone, take these!


The Star Trek Shop not only allows you to sort by ST series, offers their own gift guide, and has a whole section called the House of Klingon, but they also have some pretty cool Big Bang Theory crossover items. Maybe you need to work on communicating, or maybe you need to set your phasers to awesome. Either way they have you covered.

Image belongs to Star Trek Shop.

I recommend avoiding the red shirts for any adventurous types.


If you know someone (or are someone) who exclaims things like “Allons-y!” or “Geronimo!” then you need to get thyself to Think Geek for their DW collection. What Whovian wouldn’t want pajamas that look like 11, or a bathrobe like 4, or a kit to build their own sonic screwdriver? And while you’re on Think Geek, check out their other collections. You may be able to knock down your Christmas shopping in one fell swoop!

If Who crossovers are the object of desire, check out artist Karen Hallion‘s store. In Karen’s world, the Doctor has adventures with Disney characters, Hermione, and other various matchups that I wish I was creative enough to come up with. Her “Witch in the Fireplace” design was just on TeeFury (and if you follow my Facebook, you already know this!) and I decided if Santa could have he would have bought me one for my stocking. So I did that for him. Because Santa is already busy enough this time of year!

Image belongs to the artist, Karen Hallion.

When two amazing fandoms collide, epix are produced!


Brace yourselves. Christmas is coming. But gifts for your khaleesi are simple this year, just check out the official swag on the HBO Store. Maybe a dragon egg paperweight (I do not recommend making any sacrifices in fire for paperweight egg), or maybe an adorable little Khal Drogo figure (because how else will you be able to call Khal Drogo adorable?)…

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 8.40.39 PM

Well aren’t you just the cutest Khal there ever was? Yes you are! [Caution: don’t taunt real life Khals!]… or even a plushie direwolf pup.

Either way, HBO has a whole load of gifts to choose from. And if you’d rather fan made items, check out Reddit Gifts. You’ll easily find swag for whatever house you swear fealty to and many different versions of “Crows Before Hoes” which never gets old. Never!

Did I miss your fandom? Let me know if there’s a category you would like added and I’ll do what I can to track down the geekiest, chic-iest gifts on the net!


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