PlayStation 4 Unboxing!

After a small hold up with Amazon and my credit card, the arrival of my PlayStation 4 got pushed back. And of course, just to be safe, Amazon likes to give you a very wide window of delivery. I believe their estimated window was November 22-December 4. Erm yea, that certainly instilled some hope in me. Sarcastic hope that I quickly tossed aside since I have never bought a next-gen console at the time of release and dagnabit I was just happy to be a part of it all. Though I had my fingers crossed that it would arrive before the Xbox One was released, I wasn’t overly hopeful. In fact, I had to cut myself off from checking the tracking every day. Good thing I only skipped one day because it turns out it had been delivered! On the 20th… but I didn’t recall seeing a package on the 20th and I know my husband and neighbors would have told me had they seen it first. Something was certainly fishy here. Had my coveted black box been stolen by rowdy neighborhood hooligans? Would I be doomed to repeat my track record of never participating in a console release? My life, as I knew it, was over.

Luckily a moment of clarity knocked me out of the Charlie Brown moping loop and I decided to check the address this so called “delivery” had been made at. My mom’s! They must have assumed it was a Christmas present for my husband (ha!) and didn’t think to inform me the moment they had laid eyes on the glorious box that held my salvation into next-gen gamerhood. I decided to forgive them. Until I got there and saw that my mom had already opened the box. Mother! Luckily she retaped the box so I could at least feel like I had been the one to open it. Again, I decided to forgive her. She did do a really great job on the tape afterall. I rushed home, hid the package from my toddler who finds every box large enough for him to crawl inside to be a whole new world to discover, and proceeded to go about our night as usual. Okay, I must confess… I put my son to bed a whole 5 minutes early. Trust me, I would have put him to bed at 5pm if I could have justified it but I just couldn’t. Someday I expect my son to be my partner-in-game so it just didn’t feel right to neglect him instead of the console. Plus, a neglected console is much more forgiving. After the kid was down for the count, I shot this requested video.

Can I just say that if someone hadn’t requested that I do an unboxing video, I probably would have only thought about doing it. Thought about it then decided against it because it just seems like such a goofy concept. I did watch several videos floating around on YouTube (only 1 or 2 were good) and I decided to just take the plunge. I’ll admit, I enjoyed myself and I hope that you enjoy the video as well.

Here’s the crappy thing, though. After filming this video, I was way too tired to really play with my PS4. And tonight, I’m beyond sick. Even writing this blog is making me queezy in such a bad way. I’ve been charging my PSP so I can at least game in bed but the sad conclusion I keep coming to is that I might just have to let all Sony (and Nintendo, and Microsoft) products wait until tomorrow. This is a sad, sad day in my life. It’s like finally being able to afford a huge turkey for Thanksgiving but getting food poisoning the day before and watching everyone around you enjoy your spoils. FML and all over those other whiny acronyms that really just mean: “I want attention!” But before I do decide to give up the fight and settle down to watch Netflix, I would like to leave you with my brief first impressions of the console thus far. The controller is awesome. It’s incredibly light, fits nicely in my hands and all buttons/d-pad/analog sticks are easily accessible from one to the other. The movement with it is incredibly intuitive and I totally love charging it with the console. One war we’ve been losing with the 360 is that our son likes to play with the controllers, so we remove the batteries which inevitably go missing. And I for one am tired of buying batteries that will just be stolen by the sock gnome of whom I am fairly certain is behind all of this because we haven’t lost a sock in months. I’m not sure if the XBox One controller charges or not, I’m just a fan of this feature. Also, the set up was incredibly easy and I do recommend that you pay very close attention to the privacy settings as you’re setting yours up. Since it links with Facebook, you need to be aware of what you’re sharing in your FB news feed as well as who you’re sharing your information with. (All settings can be changed later on, fyi.)

Okay, that’s it for now folks. Hopefully this illness with pass quickly because I’d really like some quality time with my new gaming bff. Until then, PlayStation 4, thanks for being awesome.


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