The Walking Dead – Live Bait Review

I think it’s fairly safe to say that any posts about The Walking Dead episodes will be riddled with spoilers. Is there really any other way to do it? Just like…

Governor vengeance. Is there any other kind?

Governor vengeance. Is there any other kind?

Was anyone else a little disappointed that we got a Governor “where have you been” episode? If I hadn’t caught a little bit of The Talking Dead after the episode, I think I might have remained disappointed. But listening to David Morrisey explain a little bit about his character definitely helped even if I would have preferred watching him wreak havoc on the prison for the hour. Instead what we got was this:

Governor kills people. Shuts off from the rest of the world. Gets abandoned by buds (I lawled outloud). Sets fire to Woodbury (so no one else can has). Stops caring about survival and plans to walk until he drops. But when he does finally drop, he’s either motivated by a little girl in a window or a van possibly full of food stuffs. Either way, he enters the building and finds an “ex-cop,” her sister, niece and dad. A majority of this I didn’t really care for since it was basically just emo Governor moping around and everyone else trying to connect with him like he’s not some person they don’t even know. It does help to see how incredibly sheltered this family is however. In fact, they don’t even know how to kill the walkers because according to them they’ve shot them several times but they just keep getting up. Things pick up when they reveal the father is dying from stage 4 lung cancer and they desperately need oxygen tanks to give him some more time. Good ol’ Govna takes a trip to the local old folks home to help them out. It’s really odd to watch him go through this building without any bloodlust for the walkers. Instead of killing them, he just walks around them. This was pretty much a great example of how pacifists would survive the zombiepocalypse. But of course, Gov gets greedy when he sees the motherload of oxygen tanks which ends up weighing him down and he runs into a pack of walkers. Well it’s a good thing he can grab two and run with them because that was the only way he was getting out alive. When he returns with his bounty, it’s all happiness. A little too much happiness, which doesn’t last long in the z-poc. Soon, grandpa passes away and you can definitely see the Gov tense up. Why? Because these people actually think they’re sitting around the body saying goodbye when what they’re really doing is providing snacks for the corpse that’s about the reanimate. Good thing Gov was there! Sure he reacts at exactly at the right time. And sure he smashes his head in with an oxygen tank in front of these naive women. But they’ve all got to face the reality at some time.

Seriously though, this entire time I’m just wondering why this episode wasted an hour of my life. I don’t plan on empathizing with the Governor since I know he’s not done being a dickwad. You can definitely tell that the writers were attempting to give you this connection between Gov, his daughter, and the little girl in this episode but I just don’t buy it. This guy snaps pretty easily. Plus, let’s not forget about his “entertainment center” full of dead heads. Not exactly a snap judgement sort of thing.

Luckily, the last minute redeems the episode somewhat. Gov, “cop,” her sister and niece all take off in the foodstuffs van. And after Gov gets it on with the sister (right next to her daughter bee tee dubs), the van decides to just stop working. That’s right, karma still exists in the z-poc guys. They decide to foot it to… where? I have no idea. I’m not sure they have an idea either. They’re just walking on the road hoping to find another vehicle when the “cop” trips on God knows what and twists her ankle. (Oh, she also reveals that she’s not a cop but she was in the academy. Honestly, I’m hoping she becomes zombie food soon from all of her “pound it!” exclamations.) And isn’t it just their luck that there’s a herd right around the corner? They all take off, the two sisters together and the Gov with the little girl. Gov seems to be very handicapped with one eye since they end up falling into a pit that looks like it’s intended to be a trap for zombies…. Wait, we’ve seen something like this before but there’s no time to think about that! There are zombies in that pit, zombies that want to eat that little girl. So of course, Gov knocks one down, rips the throat out of another… hang out, the throat? Yea, notice how I didn’t say brain stem. But this somehow kills that zombie and thanks to his new found bloodlust, he punches through the face of the third and then sticks an incredibly cartoony bone into the mouth of the first and rips the top half of his head off. I have to say there was so awesome puppetry going on here. Kirkman and crew don’t eff around when it comes to the gore and puppets.

Once the whole ordeal is over, the little girl (Megan) wraps her adorable little arms around this cold hearted Governor and he promises he’ll never let anything hurt her. Cross his heart and hope to die. His one eye might not be enough to see the pit they were now in but it was enough to look up to see Martinez looking down on him. Looks like this little journey has gone full circle except that Martinez now seems to be above Gov on the pecking chain.

All in all, this episode completely felt like filler. I just don’t care enough about the Governor and what makes him tick. He might be a very complex man but all I really need to know about him is that he’s dangerous. Everyone that has survived the zpoc must be dangerous in their own way. I just really hope that the next episode picks it back up. Fingers crossed!


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