BatKid and Make a Wish Foundation Save Gotham!

I really wanted to save this for the next episode of Another Castle, but every time I even think about this story my preggo hormones kick in and I cry my eyes out. For serious you guys, it’s out of control. So instead, I figured I could flood my blog with the greatness that happened today in San Francisco! BatKid, better known as Miles is a 5-year old boy suffering from leukemia (he’s in remission) got to spend all day dressed as Batman thanks to Make a Wish Foundation. They also set up their own Gotham City complete with villains for BatKid to defeat! BatKid started out his day with Batman, driving around Gotham in the Batmobile with 10,000 fans gathered to watch their adventure. Seriously, that alone probably made the kid’s day. But we all know that the existence of super heroes just brings about the existence of super villains and it didn’t take long for the Riddler to strike!

BatKid was first tasked with rescuing a damsel that the dastardly Riddler had tied to a mysterious device. And did I mention she was tied up on the train tracks? (Whoever came up with all of this was a classic comic book genius!)

How do you not just fall over from being punched with adorableness?!? BatKid was able to track down the Riddler who was hiding out in a nearby bank vault and assist the police in his arrest.

Of course, a mini caped crusader can only do so much crime fighting before he needs a lunch break! Unfortunately, there’s no rest for the wicked and the Penguin picked up where the Riddler left off.

BatKid was able to solve the clues and he rushed off to defeat the Penguin with no hesitation. The Penguin had kidnapped and tied up Lou Seal from the San Francisco Giants but luckily BatKid was on the case.

That’s the one that just slays me! You can just feel the pride oozing off of Miles! The Penguin was arrested and the U.S. Attorney’s office announced that they would be charging both criminals with kidnapping and conspiracy. Satisfied that his city was safe, Miles removed his mask, met with fans, received praise from the President, and received the key to Gotham. A chocolate key of course because what kid would want a key they can’t eat! And if you were lucky enough to be in San Francisco today, you could pick up one of this specially printed papers with Miles across the cover.


Why yes, that is an article written by Lois Lane!


Seriously, how amazing is this Make a Wish adventure! May Miles’ leukemia be defeated just like these other evil masterminds. BatKid, you can beat anything!


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