Doctor Who – Is Billie Piper Really Rose in the 50th?

When the Doctor Who peeps announced that Billie Piper and David Tennant would be returning for the 50th Anniversary Special, I of course thought that Rose and 10 would be traveling over from their dimension to help 11 “one last time.” (I’m using actual air quotes here because let’s face it, there’s never really a one last time for any character in the Who-verse.) After the latest trailer, however, I now have my doubts that the Rose we were expecting is not the Rose we’re going to get on November 23!

Hmm, glowy eyes? We also never see “Rose” with 10 or even 11 for that matter. She’s alone with John Hurt’s Doctor. Next, take into account this photo:

Photo from Kasterborous

Not exactly our usually fashionable companion. Here’s what I’ve been thinking since I saw glowy-eyed Rose in the trailer… this is the Bad Wolf. Bad Wolf has seen all of time and space; all that was, all that is and all that could be. She’s a bit of a mystery, that Bad Wolf. She creates herself and has the ability to scatter signs all through time and space. Personally, I think it’s safe to say that she’s as close to a Time Lord as a human can be (if she can even be classified as human). But if the Bad Wolf is connected to the Tardis and the time vortex and if Rose’s love for the Doctor effects BW at all, it’s very possible that she’s connected to John Hurt’s Doctor. And I really wonder if he pulls the Bad Wolf to himself to help him deal with what he’s done.

What do you think? Is this Rose, or Rose in another form?


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who – Is Billie Piper Really Rose in the 50th?

  1. I completely agree fully, I’ve never quite felt we were getting the meta crisis ten but I could not figure out how Rose would be there otherwise but I think you nailed it! Doctor 8.5 (Hurt) came about because they entered into the Doctors time stream so I’m sure that’s where ten comes in too. Just my thoughts but kudos on the catch

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