The Walking Dead – Internment

I’ve been bursting at the seams since Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead, Internment. But of course my husband refuses to catch up with this show, no one at work watches it, and my buds that do watch it aren’t caught up yet. So I turn to you internets! Help me come to terms with all of these feels!

Disclaimer: If you have not yet seen the latest episode (or read the comic books), you should be warned that there are spoilers ahead. Many undead spoilers! So beware.

First off, if it took a huge effort for you to get that song out of your head, and if you’ve seen Internment then you know what song I’m talking about, it’s called Oats in the Water by Ben Howard.

I loved this episode. Actually, so far I’ve loved this season. The group seems to just be teetering between safety and an absolutely shit show. They have fresh food, but they have an outbreak of influenza. They have water, cook outs, time to hold classes for the kids, but they also have zombies knocking down their fences. This episode was great to see Herschel care so strongly about the innocence of the children and to cling so desperately to whatever humanity he can provide to the sick. His refusal to killing the undead in front of the sick was probably not something I would even think about. Undead = needs to be dead dead.

Did anyone else yell at their tv “NO! You cannot kill Glenn!” when he started choking on blood? I do love that the show’s writers have no issue killing off characters that survived much longer in the comic books. It’s pretty awesome when a writer can do that. Plus, it definitely keeps me on my toes episode after episode. So far I’ve had no issue with the people they’ve killed. (Okay, that’s slightly a lie. I can’t believe Shane lasted so long!) But I think, if they went so far as to kill Glenn or Maggie, I might throw something at our tv. Something soft and padded of course, but there would definitely be a lot of anger behind it!

The part that gave me the most confusion was in the last little snippet; when we see that the Governor has returned! Well really, he probably never left. The moment I think it’s safe to believe he was the one feeding the rats to the walkers against the fence, I just come up with more questions! How would the Governor have gotten inside the fence, since the rats were fed from the inside? And once inside, wouldn’t he have taken the opportunity to get a little revenge? Like, possibly kidnap Judith? Or grab Michonne? He doesn’t exactly strike me as the patient type. And since he seems to be alone, I’m not sure capturing rats, sneaking into the first fence and feeding walkers is all that’s been taking up his time. What else has the Governor been cooking up? I’d much rather wonder about just these things instead of what struck me after the episode had finished….

This is where knowledge of the comics come in handy. If you recall, the Governor mounts an assault on the prison and beheads Tyreese in an attempt to get Rick and the gang to surrender. Since the tv show has changed a lot of things that happened in the comics, I’m fairly certain things will go down a little differently. But this is where it clicked in my head: thanks to Rick, Carol is out there. Alone. I’m very worried about Carol losing her head instead of Tyreese, and this time in the literal sense. Whether they plan on killing Carol or going the route of the comics, I just hope they don’t drag it out. Either do it in the next episode or the one after that. The sooner they’re forced out of the prison, the sooner they can find Abraham and his crew. (Did you guys put it together after all of the radio “broadcasts” that we’re headed in that direction?) As much as I love the prison, which just happens to be in my zombie plan, I definitely think it’s time for the show to move on. I just don’t look forward to the bloodbath that comes with their move.

Who do you think will die in the battle with the Governor?


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