It’s Official: I Exist!

Sorry everyone! I have let my blog slide out of my realm of priorities and let’s face it… that’s just unacceptable amirite. I apologize for my super lameness. I have excuses out the yin yang but the biggest, and possibly best, is that I’ve been busy growing a tiny little person. On a molecular level, I’ve been incredibly busy. But now I am back glitches and November is such an awesome month to come back. Catching Fire is coming out with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on the horizon of December. Next-gen consoles are being released alongside some pretty awesome games. The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special is released and marks 11’s second to last episode. And the whole month gets neatly wrapped up in a turkey feast induced coma. What’s not to love about November?

Here are my goals for this blog and my show, Another Castle, on the No Lag channel:

  • Properly introduce myself to you peoples. It has come to my attention that, as an opinionated gamer blogger, that the interwebs may not know why they should care about my opinion because they know nothing about me. I intend to remedy this!
  • Post a blog entry at least once a week/post a video once a week.
  • Play moar games! Being married, having a kid and another on the way has put a serious strain on my gaming. Totally understandable imo. BUT if I plan on having a blog/vlog that reviews games, I should probably put Netflix aside and log into Steam and other such worthy gaming outlets a little more often. (And no, this does not include social media “gaming.” Even if I am loving Plants vs. Zombies.)
  • Watch moar new movies! If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know my husband hates seeing movies in the theater, especially when they’re new. I, however, LOVE it! So I may need to start adventuring out on my own.
  • Get moar likes on my Facebook (maybe some that aren’t RL friends even). Go forth, nerds, and like my Facebook page here. You can expect updates on blog posts, episodes up on the No Lag channel, and random geekly finds on the internet.

So there you have it! Be sure to check back because I will be posting more often. Yay-hoo!


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