Total Fandom Lameness

You’ve probably noticed by now that I’m a total Whovian. I must admit, though, I am a baby Whovian. I only started the series maybe a month or 2 ago and was lucky enough to have access to all of the current episodes online. I tried to watch the Classic series on Netflix until I realized they don’t have the seasons. They have collections. Not sure why they decided to toy with my heart strings like that… jerks. With the announcement of Peter Capaldi being the 12th Doctor, there has been a whole lot of fandom lameness floating around the net. Even though I’m just a baby Whovian, even I know this isn’t what the Who-verse is about. Here’s some of the lame things floating around that should pretty much get squashed right now!

This is so dumb in 2 very different ways. First off, yea, okay, for someone to be upset that the latest regeneration of The Doctor isn’t hot then they can totally stop watching the show. I’m sure every alien that’s over 1,000 years old looks young and hot. I’m just happy this alien only has 2 hearts and not 2 heads. Also, that he had the ability to regenerate into a very sexy David Tenant form. It can’t be a hottie every time. But second, to act like being a Whovian is this super duper exclusive club and we only accept the very best is just crap. Being a Whovian does not equal being an elitist. Sure, The Doctor has told us all that we’re all special and he has a point. Humans are amazing. But for me, that should really instil a duty to be more amazing to each other. Who cares if someone stops watching a show for any reason? I’ve stopped watching many epic shows for many reasons. I don’t have the time. A certain character needs to diaf. I don’t get the channel anymore and don’t have the energy to hunt it down. But I’ve never left a fandom with a “good riddance!” feeling for the rest of the fandom.

This photo is actually quite cool. The lameness comes into play when Whovians use this against someone in the folds that doesn’t like Capaldi because he already appeared on Doctor Who. Here’s the dealio, I was one of those Whovians. Just seems a bit muddy to have Capaldi be on DW and Torchwood and then come back and play The Doctor. This doesn’t mean that I won’t give him a chance. This doesn’t mean that I think he’ll be a terrible Doctor. It just means, for me, it’s created a billion more questions for the new Doctor. For me it would be awesome if they did some sort of explanation. They most likely won’t, which is fine. But to be met with the same elitist attitude as above in the form of “you obviously haven’t seen the Classic Doctor Who kthnxbai” comments is just lamesauce. After watching the 9th Doctor, I was hooked to the fandom. At the time, that didn’t make me less of a fan than anyone else in their Who journey. It just made me less knowledgeable.

So here’s the thing, Whovians, you’d think after all of the episodes upon episodes of every regeneration of The Doctor that we all would have learned a very important lesson from our favorite Time Lord. Seems to me it’s our responsibility to be good to each other. If a fan has a different opinion than you, try welcoming it. It’s possible that it will expand your vision. If a fan doesn’t know something has happened before in the series, share what you know. Don’t be a prick.

I didn’t like Matt Smith when he first started. I missed David Tenant too much. And to be totally honest, Smith completely hooked me in and I’m going to miss him. I’ll miss him to the point that I probably won’t like Capaldi in the beginning either, no matter how awesome he is. But as Capaldi makes his journey in the Tardis, I have no doubt that any fans that stick around will fall in love with him. Let’s just knock off the elitist bull until then!!



4 thoughts on “Total Fandom Lameness

  1. I really loved watching Tenant & Eccleston, but just can’t really stand Matt Smith. The epi’s get more cgi friendly which is super fun to watch (Abrams Star Trek, anyone?), but he just bothers the heck out of me so I haven’t watched that season really. I should just bite the bullet, looks like you enjoyed it, maybe I will too! 🙂

    • I totally understand not liking Matt Smith! It took him a really, really long time to win me over. I think I stuck with it because I loved the Ponds. Which is good, since it took me so long to like River too. I can’t remember the exact moment that Matt finally got me, maybe it was one of the Christmas specials, but somewhere very late in the game he got me. I must admit, he’s still no Tenant! But I’ve finally started to appreciate the flavor he brought to the character. I’d definitely recommend sticking it out, especially if you haven’t made it to Clara, because Clara is quite possibly the only character that was strong enough to follow up the Ponds!

  2. Sadly a large part of the reason you won’t find the classic series is that many of the tapes at the BBC got tossed or taped over. So some of the series have very few episodes if any – nearly half of them got wiped out. 😦

    Doctors 1 and 3 were not young! 🙂

    I have to say I didn’t love Matt Smith either, but that might be because of my aversion to Steven Moffat. Love the Ponds though – love that Rory has showed up in Broadchurch with David Tennant! 🙂

    • That’s really good to know but a super huge bummer. I was really wanting to at least see the first ever episode. Maybe I’ll just stick with the collections then. The early Doctors were definitely not young, which I kind of love. Personally, I’d much rather The Doctor have a fatherly relationship with Clara. She and 11 are just getting a little odd. I’m kind of tired of companion sexual tension.

      Also, dude, I think I need to check out this Broadchurch then!

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