Apologies to the Blogverse

Sorry everyone for my large absence. Here’s the thing, my husband and I found out that we’re having another minion! And this baby is totally kicking my ass. Add to the equation that work has really been ramping up and this all adds up to a very, very tired Mando.

But don’t worry, I have something very cool to share with you all (aside from the fact that we’re having another mini-me). Some gamer friends of mine have started up a new YouTube channel, called No Lag Till Brooklyn! They even gave me my own show, Another Castle. The first episode has been released today so be sure to check it out!

>>click here for Another Castle<<

I am really hoping that this kiddo decides to take it easy on me soon so that I can get back into my regular blogging schedule. Until then, I will at least have an episode of Another Castle every Monday!



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