Firefly Sequel

… and why it should never happen. Sorry. Did that title just make you squee a super fangirl squee. It’s okay if you did, I understand. Firefly & Serenity has a large fan base and it’s not a big mystery as to why. This Whedonverse featured a ship whose crew took on odd jobs that usually stuck it to the government while slowly revealing their diverse backgrounds and the mystery surrounding River who happened to be more than meets the eye. We all shared the heartbreak when Firefly was cancelled due to FOX airing the episodes out of order, and we all shared the joy when Serenity was made! Many fans are still keeping their fingers crossed for a sequel or to have the show brought back to TV but honestly, I don’t share this sentiment. Here are just a few of my thoughts on why Firefly finished on a wonderful note and should stay finished.

3. Sexual Tension You Can Cut With a Knife

I was really hoping that Mal and Inara would finally get over themselves, fall passionately into each other’s arms and live happily ever after. But that’s just not their style, and as badly as the fans want want it, it just won’t happen with them. I’m fairly sure they’ll be on their deathbeds croaking out “why? Why didn’t I just admit I loved her/him?” as they’ll breathe their last breath. Trust me, that’s not the way I would want them to end but you have to consider how stubborn those two are and then think of what horrific event would have to happen to get them to finally admit out loud that they’ve loved each other all along. There’s just too slim a chance and I just don’t want to go through even a minute more of yelling at my TV “JUST TELL HER MAL!” At least not until my voice comes back….

2. Kaylee and Simon

Last we saw these two on Serenity they were blissfully getting hot and heavy (with little sister River trying out some classy voyeurism). If we were to continue this storyline it could go one of two ways: Kaylee and Simon could become the new couple on the ship or we’d see them fall apart. Personally, I want to freeze them in that honeymoon phase and have them live there forever. I’d rather not have that bubble burst.

1. It’s just not a story without Wash

I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I don’t pay attention to the Reavers that want to rape and kill us.

Even if Wash isn’t your favorite character, you can’t exactly hate him. In a way he’s the odd one out; he didn’t fight in the war, he doesn’t go on missions (when he does it doesn’t go too well), and he’s not driven by the money their odd jobs bring in. He’s (one of) the Hufflepuff of the crew; this is his family and he loves nothing more than flying Serenity with his wife and the rest of the sky fam. Plus, he’s the one with the sarcastic quip that breaks up any tense situation. Remove the heart from Serenity and you kind of have to wonder about everyone else and how they’re coping. Personally, I don’t want to see a sad Zoë, or even a let’s-get-dangerous-because-I’m-grieving Zoë. What it comes down to is that it’s just not a Firefly story I want to see without Wash (or Shepherd for that matter).

The one continuation of this Whedonverse that I would love to see is a prequel to the Firefly storyline. Possibly where they all were during the war. Or maybe Shepherd’s backstory. See? I’m not really sure where they could even take the story because the ending of Serenity left me so perfectly content. Do you disagree? Tell me why and what story you would want a sequel to cover!



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