Sherlock Actor Joins Game of Thrones

IGN just posted that Mark Gatiss will be joining Game of Thrones, though they’re being pretty hush hush about who he will be playing. We already know that Oberyn Martell will be playing by Pedro Pascal. Personally, I thought the Red Viper would have been hotter but I think his attitude will be what really makes him attractive. Since the one Dorne character we know about is actually Chilean, I think it’s safe to say that Gatiss will not be playing Doran Martell. IGN is speculating that he’ll be Margery’s dad, Mace Tyrell. However, seems to me that Mace is meant to have been once attractive but has let himself go. Now, I don’t have perfect vision… but it seems to me that Gatiss isn’t exactly overweight. Since GoT Season 4 will be continuing with A Storm of Swords there aren’t many characters left to speculate about. My thoughts are below the photo and there will be, in the words of River Song, spoilers (book spooOOoooilerssss)!

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If you’ve read the A Song of Ice and Fire series, then you know what’s happening next with our Westeros friends if the show stays close to the books. Arya will soon be traveling to Braavos, which gives a possibility to the Kindly Man at the House of Black and White. Though, I don’t think they would announce an actor for the end of the season.

Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch will soon be under attack from wildlings and Stannis will be swooping in to save the day. This means we’ll be seeing more of who we believe is Rattleshirt. He’s currently played by Edward Dogliani but it wouldn’t be the first time the recasted someone. Plus, us to this point, we haven’t seen him without his skull mask. There is also a potential that Gatiss will play one of the Queen’s Guards but I doubt it since they’re not exactly pivotal characters.

Joffrey and Margery will be married soon and the events that unfold will lead to Sansa leaving with Littlefinger. It’s possible that Gatiss will be someone they encounter. I think it’d be great if he was Marillion. He’s a bit too old for that part but I think he could play on the creep factor pretty well.

Balon Greyjoy will be passing away soon which means we’ll be spending a lot of time with Vicatorian and Euron Greyjoy. I’m not sure which I would rather him as.

My least favorite theory is that he will play Coldhands. If this ends up being true, then it will mean that Benjen is not, in fact, Coldhands and my whole visualization of him will be ruined.

So what do you think? Who do you think Gatiss will play?



11 thoughts on “Sherlock Actor Joins Game of Thrones

        • I completely agree about Jon, I believe he’s Lyanna’s son. I think Arya is heading down such an interesting path and I can’t wait to see what happens with her in the 6th book!

        • Lyannas with Rhaegar right?
          Ok heres another one for you. Most hated character? I would say for me its a toss up between Theon and Jeoffry.
          (sorry if im bothering you with all this:))

        • Yup, Lyanna was Rhaegar’s love!
          I definitely hate Joffrey, but I think Theon would win most hated for me. I haven’t felt an ounce of pity for him in the books and I dread his chapters. This is a fun convo! I don’t get to talk GoT much irl since I only know a couple of people that have actually read the books 🙂

  1. What do you make of Stannis btw? His constant insisting that he is a fair man (even though a lot of the things we see him do are not just). You like his character or hate him?

    • I have to admit that I don’t love Stannis, but I definitely feel like he’s a necessary character. He’s very good at mudding up situations but taking the credit when things just happen to go right. I like that he’s stubborn and feels entitled to the crown. Also that he cannot comprehend how he isn’t just or fair. He’s very deluded but also very impressionable with both Davos and Melisandre. I almost pity him to a point, but I also think he’s a very good analogy for a lot of world rulers. So again, I definitely don’t love him, but I appreciate his presence in the Westeros world. What about you?

      • He reminds me of a third world despot. Feels entitled to the power, like its a birth right and yet tries to make user of religion and those he puts in position around him to get what he wants.
        Also feels he can do no wrong, is always just and infallible and feels the need to have somewhat of a cult personality, e.g. the way he feels upset that Renly is more popular than he is.

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