Proud to be a Nerd Parent!

If you watched my first vlog then you know that I think nerd parenting is the greatest way to raise your kids! My poor kiddo will only be 1/2 nerd on his mother’s side, since daddy only plays EA Sports “games” and refers to Gandalf “that old dude.” But it seems like that hasn’t effected my little superhero at all! Whilest strolling through Target, I did a double-take in the little dudes section and had to grab a Batman shirt since it came with a cape! The effect it had on my son was pretty amazing. Though I’d much prefer putting him in Marvel gear, I’ll totally settle for Batman any day. Besides, the cape actually had him wooshing around the house just to see it fly out behind him. Wish I could wear a cape. But for now, I’ll just have to live vicariously through him!


Capturing the elusive Catwoman!


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