How to Train Your Dragon 2 Trailer

Finally! The official How to Train Your Dragon 2 trailer has been released. Sadly, we have to wait another year before this hits theaters. So as far as teasers go, consider us teased Dreamworks!

I absolutely love the first How to Train Your Dragon. Not just because Hiccup is voiced by my ultimate nerd crush, Jay Baruchel, but because I think this was the first Dreamworks Animation movie that gave Pixar a run for its money. For me, the Pixar movies always went into their stories and worlds further than just the surface. They laid out easter eggs for the hardcore fans, visited locations for in-depth research, and just created amazing stories that made the fans beg for sequels but they never made unless they could pour as much dedication into. Sure, the Shrek movies were hilarious and were fun to watch but they made sequels that really weren’t as well made as the first. That all changed when I saw HtTYD! Maybe it’s just the subject matter, but the world of Berk felt like Dreamworks Animation had poured a lot of heart and soul into it. Plus, they stay pretty far away from my #1 annoyance: knowing the main characters will come out of the danger in one piece. I cannot wait to see what they’ve done in the second movie in June 2013!



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