My Top Fictional Fellas

Don’t worry, I don’t plan on just focusing on the ladies. Here’s my list of top fictional fellas that would give my husband a run for his money, you know, if they actually existed. Okay, okay, they’d probably still be in the friend zone… but still, on with the list!

5. Axel

Tall, skinny, sarcastic. That’s my kind of guy! If you’re unfamiliar with Axel, then you haven’t played enough Kingdom Hearts (and should get right on that). He’s the not-so-bad guy with the heart made of gold and the reason I loved Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days so much. I just can’t help but love a guy that’s willing to sacrifice himself for his friends. Plus, his fiery sarcasm just gets me every time!

4. Peter Parker

Notice this is the MTV Spider-Man, which is totally intentional. Maybe it’s the spunkiness that Neil Patrick Harris pours into the character, maybe it’s the fact that his counter part, MJ, was voiced by my style idol Lisa Loeb, or maybe it’s the whole “it’s not spandex!” line that gets me. Whatever it is, this version of Peter Parker is my favorite as of right now. Sorry emo Tobey Maguire!

3. Dean Winchester

Maybe it’s the leather jacket, maybe it’s the stubble, but there’s just something about this Supernatural guy that’s pretty irresistible. He’s loyal to his family to a fault, doesn’t run when things get dangerous, and can lip synch Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger like a beast. Besides, if Dean went to Hogwarts, he’d be a Hufflepuff and I just love my Puffs!

2. Prince Caspian

I’m not a huge fan of the movie’s version of my favorite Prince, since Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian made him a little whiny but they get it right in Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. He’s handsome, Spanish and won’t sit still on a throne when there are adventures to be had! Plus, he ends up marrying a star. My mom used to call me Little Star. No relation unfortunately….

1. The Tenth Doctor

There’s just something about a tall, skinny guy that I can’t resist. (It’s probably why I married one!) The Tenth Doctor (Who?) wins me over every time with his over the top facial expressions, explanations of things like physics (phyyyysicssss), and his jump from super technical to ridiculously layman which usually ends up pretty rhymey-whimey. Not that he doesn’t have faults, but I think he’s done pretty well for himself in 900 years!

Honorable Mentions: Jon Snow (bumped off the list for his vows), Spike aka William the Bloody (bumped for violent tendencies aka William the BLOODY), Neville (who thought he’d turn out to be the “hot” one?), Sephiroth (what? I have a thing for bad guys), and Murphy MacManus (bumped for letting himself go in Boondock Saints 2).



2 thoughts on “My Top Fictional Fellas

  1. I agree with all! Except I was not allowed to play video games when I was young (I was way too competitive) and I’m only slowly getting back into it. He would probably be replaced by Neville Longbottom or James Potter (he *died* for his *family* and was clever and confident; very much my type).

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