My Top Fictional Ladies!

To keep with the whole “nerd girls are awesome” theme from my last blog post, here is a list of my top fictional females that I think breathe new life into the world of fiction and change the annoying Mary Sue depiction of women.

5. Arya Stark

Arya should possibly be higher on my list, since I really do love her so much but she does come close to being a stereotypical tomboy character. That said, for me, she completely beats the other female characters in A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones. I think what separates her from many characters is that she grows so much in the story: from not really understanding the danger she’s in when she wishes to fight alongside Syrio to understanding what she must become and what she must sacrifice to be able to seek her revenge. She’s a young girl that will not wait to be rescued. Take that classic Disney princesses!

4. Ginny Weasley

She’s fiercely brave, she’s determined, and she’s a ginger. What’s not to love? The greatest part about Ginny is that, when Harry Potter breaks up with her to go destroy horcruxes (and to protect her), she doesn’t sit around and pout about it. And she certainly doesn’t jump off any cliffs. Instead she decides to restore Dumbledore’s Army to fight the Death Eaters that have joined the Hogwarts faculty. Good luck keeping her from standing up for what she believes is right!

3. Amy Pond

First off, I just have to say that Rose Tyler is certainly my favorite of the Doctor’s companions. Why Amy beats her to this list is that even after traveling the universe and beyond with the Doctor she doesn’t fall in love with him like so many of his other companions. All it does is strengthen her love for Rory (though after the Doctor is smart enough to bring him along). She may consistently need rescuing but she’s also not helpless. And did I mention she’s another ging? Man, redheads are totally dominating this list so far!

2. Katara

The best thing about Katara is that, as she puts it, she never gives up on anyone that needs her. When she first meets Aang, she’s so excited to finally see the rest of the world with him and to learn as much about waterbending as she can. As time goes on, she grows so incredibly quickly and pushes herself to the very edge of her personality and learns who she truly is when it comes to the safety of those she cares about. (Bloodbending anyone?) Also, not a redhead. Ha!

1. Katniss Everdeen

I see Katniss as a 2 for 1 kind of awesome because she’s played by Jennifer Lawrence in the movies. But that is a totally separate post! When I read The Hunger Games series, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking over and over, “No way, she thinks just like me!” I love the conflict she goes through in her head, her difficulty with playing her role for authority figures, and the difficult choice of who she thinks she should be with and who she should actually be with. The best thing about Katara and The Hunger Games is that the love story takes a backseat to her leading the rebellion. Why is that so rare these days?

Honorable mentions: Kairi (another redhead!), Willow Rosenberg (bet you can’t guess her haircolor!), Yoko Littner (do I even need to go into it?), and River Tam (not a redhead!).


p.s. Sorry, no vlog today! Just couldn’t come up with anything important enough to talk about so I figured I would spare you all. There should be one for next week though.


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