The Fake Geek Girl Phenomenon

I just happened upon this post today about “fake geek girls.” I’m kind of upset that I just now came across it since the author has plenty of great points. There are loads of fake geek girls out there that think they need to grace cons with their presence with the skimpiest cosplay outfit they can find. Basically, the girls that were excited when WoW introduced Blood Elves because that meant they could stop painting themselves purple and still dress just as slutty. This just leads to geekboys drooling all over them and having a good ol’ time at the con. Quite frankly, I don’t see that as a bad thing. DOA Volleyball allows guys to drool all over the game, so why should that be denied from the cons?

The problem is that all this happens while less than “perfect” geek girls, who actually know the fandom forwards and backwards, are having their nerd cred questioned because they’re not a size 0. Wtf percentage of the world is a size 0 these days anyway? And wth does your size have to do with how well you speak Elvish, tank a mob, your armor class, or hell, your IQ?

I think the worst part about the fake geek girls phenomenon is that it completely destroys what being a nerd is actually about. Nerds used to embrace each other for sharing in fandoms but now we demand that everyone give the “secret password” because someone decided that geeks were cool and now everyone wants to be one. But don’t you all remember when being a geek or nerd meant that you were socially awkward and loved things that were sometimes hard to admit to in front of other people because it was possible that you would be publicly ridiculed? There’s definitely something wrong with the geekverse if we start turning away our own kind because of their size and looks.

But really, who’s to blame for alluring these fake geek girls into the cons? Maybe it’s the game designers that thought using the likeness of an actual model for Lara Croft was a great idea. Maybe it’s the artist that thought Emma Frost would look hot in thigh high boots and a corset (can you even call that little of fabric a corset?). I’m sure I could point the finger at plenty of people but truly, where does that even get me? No-effing-where. So let’s just all remember one thing. I can’t fly. You can’t fly. And yet, so many of us imagined we could as kids. Some of us still do as adults (okay, okay, maybe it’s just me) and we even imagine we can do plenty of other magical things. *swish and flick* So the next time a less than perfect girl decides to cosplay as her favorite superhero, don’t question her. Don’t laugh at her. I can almost guarantee you that character she’s cosplaying has helped given her strength to get through some of her toughest times and it’s her imagination that allows her to feel a part of the fandom. Let’s not forget all of the comic book superheroes that helped you through your tough times.

Wil Wheaton sums it up the best when he said, “It’s not about what you love, it’s about how you love it.” So love your geekdom loud and proud, and don’t let a horde of scantily clad fake geek ladies ruin that for you.



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