Let’s Hear it For the Baddies!

Here’s something you may need to know about me: I love stories that let me root for the “bad guy.” I don’t like typical damsels in distress and I don’t like the typical knights in shining armor story lines. Give me a great villain any day and let me hope they succeed and you’ll have hooked me for your whole story. Here are my top villains that I just love to hate (and not-so-quietly root for)!

5. Sandor Clegane aka The Hound, A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones

Why I love him: Sure he can be a great big jerk sometimes, but he aids Sansa many times as she’s tortured by Joffery. He aids her after the fact but still, I couldn’t help but feel like Sansa was just a little safer when the Hound was around.

Why I’d never let him date my (future) daughter: He’s just a well-trained dog and though he may comfort her behind the scenes, he’ll never actually stick up for her while she’s being pushed around.

4. Snape, Harry Potter

Why I love him: He turned out to not actually be evil and was actually doing all he could to protect the child of the woman he loved. Even his patronus changed to be like Lily’s. That’s hardcore dedication.

Why I’d never let him date my (future) daughter: His greasy hair makes me wonder how often he actually showers.

3. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Why I love him: Every smell is enchanting for him and that must make the world feel so magical. If the women he sniffed would have just allowed him to capture their scent then he wouldn’t have been pushed to murder… and I’m sure that prostitute had had worse clients.

Why I’d never let him date my (future) daughter: He might think she’d look better covered in animal fat or swimming in a vat.

2. Dexter, Dexter

Why I love him: He has a thing for killing killers that slip through the justice system.

Why I’d never let him date my (future) daughter: She’d never be able to believe him if he said he was working late.

1. The Phantom, The Phantom of the Opera

Why I love him: What’s not to love about a singing gypsy? He likes to make the music of the night, hides behind your mirror, and can make a white horse appear in the middle of the sewers. Just standing next to this guy will make your hair and makeup sexier. Plus, he can sing you into a trance in front of a crowd and make you want to pass the point of no return.

Why I’d never let him date my (future) daughter: Because I want him for myself!



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