The Dark Knight Falls… and Then Rises!

I finally caught The Dark Knight Rises last night on OnDemand. Here’s the thing you should probably know about me: my husband doesn’t really enjoy seeing movies in the theater. Add on the fact that I have to get a babysitter if I want to go see something, and that all sums up to me catching the movie after it’s released on DVD. Unless, that is, I’m dying to see it and I was absolutely dying to see DKR. So why, why didn’t I see this in theaters? What was I thinking? Why am I even here? Okay, I need to stop asking questions before I end up getting all existential on this blog….

Before I really dive into my review, let me just say that I am not a DC fan in any way. I think Marvel is far superior but even so I love Christopher Nolan’s Batman. It’s dark, it’s about as realistic as it can get for a superhero movie, and there are consequences for the hero. Let me just go ahead and dive into this. And obvs there are spoilers. C’mon, the movie was released last year!

The third film in Nolan’s Batman trilogy starts off 8 years after The Dark Knight. Lying about Harvey Dent’s death has obviously weighed heavily on Commissioner Gordon and he’s struggling with coming clean with the people of Gotham. Maybe it’s because he knows how corrupt the system is still and how fickle its people are about whether they are for or against someone. Whatever it is, I completely understand Gordon’s reluctance to lie to hide a monster, and then fear to tell the truth. Nolan’s Gordon wants to be in the system so that he can change it from the inside and he’s the kind of guy that can maybe bury his morals to let that happen.

It’s not long before we’re following everyone’s favorite cat burglar as she slinks through the Wayne Manor to bring the now reclusive and possibly mutilated (if the rumors are true, because they always are) Bruce his dinner. Turns out, Bruce just walks with a cane now because he has no cartilage left in his knees. This is why Nolan’s Batman is so appealing: he’s 100% human. And yes, this is the same reason Marvel’s Tony Stark is so appealing but this Batman has so much more to him. He’s getting older, his caped crusades have taken their toll on his body, his beloved butler later leaves him for not hanging up the cape for good, and his Batman persona is suffering the consequences of him taking the fall for Harvey Dent. No good deed goes unpunished and such.

Oddly, it’s Lucius Fox that convinces Bruce to get back into things with a few new “toys.” Or rather, something he calls “The Bat.” Really guys? The writing geniuses that you are could only come up with The Bat…. I can overlook that since the thing is actually pretty cool.

Not too shabby, right?

Anne Hathaway makes an amazing Catwoman. I may not know too much about the Batman comics, but I do know that Selina Kyle is more of a vigilante than villain. Anne fits in perfectly with the twisted Gotham Nolan has created without going over the top.


Truly, the best addition to the universe is Blake. Sure, Bane and Miranda Tate/Talia are great but Blake is exactly what this corrupt Gotham needs. He sticks to his morals even if that could mean his death, protects those he cares about even when facing his final moments, and feels almost untouchable.

The only problem I had with this film was that the whole time I knew that this was the last Batman that Nolan would make. That is just so disappointing since it ends in such a beautifully wrapped up package of awesome. Bruce and Selina are happy, Alfred is happy, Gordon is overjoyed about the bat signal being remade, and Blake… no wait, Robin, has been handed over the keys for the bat cave. Roll credits. NO WAIT! WHAT?? What about Nightwing? What about Gordon’s kids? Will Barbara grow up and become Batgirl/Oracle? We’ll never know kids. Because Nolan, Bale, the rest, they’ve all thrown in the towel. Then again, it’s far better to quit while you’re ahead. So thank you guys for making such an amazing trilogy. It’ll be hard for Marvel to beat.


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