My Husband, the N00b

It became pretty apparent to me last night that my husband is adorably out of the nerd loop. Some of his noobisms have lead to many side splitting sessions of laughter. I started thinking, why keep all of this hilariousness to myself? I must share this with the interwebs! I’m not sure if the hubs will give me these little gems on a regular basis, so it may just become Twitter material later on. But for now, I leave you with these:

That old dude from X-Men [Magneto] should have played the old dude in Lord of the Rings [Gandalf].

I guess prosthetic noses are highly disguising!

Who’s that old dude? [Pointing at Stan Lee on the TV]

He has a thing with saying “old dudes” apparently.

[When explaining where Snape’s loyalty lies] … is he the guy with the snake?

Well they just sound so much the same. I’m going to guess that your forehead is just as sore as mine from facepalming so I will leave this post short! Don’t want to push you to Sokka-facepalming-level.



2 thoughts on “My Husband, the N00b

  1. Ouch…the face palms. Oh well, we all had to start somewhere. Have fun converting him to the wonders of nerdism!

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