The Console War!

Well nerds, have you preordered your console of choice yet? Or do you plan to wait before buying? I’ve told my husband I want the PS4 for Christmas but I’m pretty sure that might slip his mind come Christmas time. Which is why I gave in and preordered my PS4 yesterday. (Having an Amazon Store Credit Card is a dangerous thing!) This is my first time ever preordering a brand new console and although I won’t be receiving it the same time as everyone else (it has to ship to Alaska) I feel pretty awesome getting to be a part of this new Console War. I feel like making a “I’ve Chosen My Side” graphic… but I won’t because I have actual work work (work) to do today…. I am a little bummed, though, since quite a few of my friends are siding with the Xbox One. So tell me, gamers, which side have you chosen?



3 thoughts on “The Console War!

  1. I want a PS4 (*what* are you thinking, Microsoft?), but I am poor and I think my computer’s dying. I might need to just spend good money on building myself a good gaming computer, but I have hope! Maybe closer to its release date I’ll have the money to buy one (or my boyfriend will show his love by buying me a very nice birthday gift; I’m cool with that).

    • I was hoping my hubby could get it on a good Black Friday deal but I’m just too impatient apparently! I need to rebuild my desktop as well. Poor thing can hardly run my Steam games. Hope you get a nice surprise for your birthday 😉

      • I’ll probably go with the computer since I need that, but I also need a BR player. It seems like a good idea to get a console that can serve double-duty (and my PS2 — aka my DVD player — is making funny noises). The list of stuff I want is so long. *sigh*

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