300: Rise of an Empire

Finally, the long awaited sequel for 300 is coming out in March 2014!

As with all sequels, I’m not expecting much, especially since all but 1 of the original 300 has died. All I need is a bunch guys with painted abs going in and out of slow motion up to the brink of getting old and then hopefully backing off. However, I do absolutely love the addition of Eva Green. I think the world could handle more female villains that just terrify you (and maybe some times they could even win?). Sadly, I did not see David Wenham (Dilios) in the trailer so I think it’s safe to assume that he is not heading this revenge mission. I haven’t read the graphic novel Xerxes yet, so I have no idea the fate of my beloved character. Should be interesting to see a whole new cast (with the exceptions of Queen Gorgo, Xerxes, Dilios, and… Daxos? I’d assumed he was dead). Hope the newcomers can make us feel hungry for revenge for the 300 fallen!


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