Vlog #2

First off, happy E3 day everybody! Can’t wait to check out all the news that’s bound to start streaming in today.

Here’s my latest vlog. Hope you guys like it (and if you do, please give it a nice big thumbs up on YouTube or hell, even subscribe so you don’t miss any of my gooberness)!


2 thoughts on “Vlog #2

  1. Everyone I’ve dated since 2001 I met through a MMO. Only one per game though, I’m no ho!!

    That’s borderline nerdfession/pathetic, tbh. :/

    • Not pathetic at all! I dated 3 guys I met in WoW. But maybe 1 doesn’t count since we were dating before WoW… so that just leaves 2 gnomes. Guess I had a thing for gnomes 😛

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