E3 – Day 1

Well geeks, I’m officially spent on E3 today. Microsoft by far had the most well-rounded part of the conference though it was EA’s 64-player demo for Battlefield 4 that won my favorite for the day. Here’s what caught my eye from today’s presentations.

First off, I’m not going to be talking about any EA Sports “games.” If you want to find out info on FIFA and wth Drake was there, or Madden, or even UFC (though I’ll admit, it looked way rad) then you should probably get that info elsewhere. ‘Cause momma don’t play those games!

Like I mentioned before, my favorite demo was from EA. Check out the 64-player Battlefield video below. Of course it’s very staged but come on. It’s a live demo. With SIXTY-FOUR players. I’ve been on 40-man WoW raids and nothing ever goes right. Nothing! (This message brought to you by Save a Raid, Hug a Wall.)

Microsoft certainly did rock today. In fact, they even made me forget about that big brother patent they have. Weird! They had really great speakers and kept me wanting more with not just teaser trailers but some game play as well. My absolute favorite teaser from them, which was done so well, was the new Halo!! I was a bit disappointed with The Witcher 3. I mean, how many times can you harp on the whole he’s a lone wolf but he fights for love storyline? But hey, I still love that game so I’ll let it slide. Check out the Halo trailer below.

Ubisoft… so apparently it’s pronounced U-bee-soft huh? I’ve been saying Oo-be-soft for years. Oh well, moving on. Aisha Tyler, as much as I love the girl, seemed to not do so hot presenting for Ubi. But that’s okay because they previewed some really great games even if there was very little game play shown. Definitely excited about Assassin’s Creed 4 since you play as a pirate! I am intrigued by Tom Clancy’s: The Division and might actually make it my first Tom Clancy game. But I think the one that got me the most excited was Watch Dogs. Not only does it look amazing, I cannot wait to decide what sort of vigilante I would be!

As always, I have saved the best for last. I, of course, knew if I stopped watching that I would miss something! Sony started to feel like they were reading straight from a press release and Square Enix’s little video of “we know you’re excited for Versus but we don’t have anything to report on that” just sort of turned me off. So I in turn turned them off… the live feed that is. Big mistake. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a huge Kingdom Hearts fan so of course they decided to show an incredibly teasing trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 as soon as I stopped watching!! I was never on the fandwagon of begging Square Enix for KH3 since 1.5 will be released in the US in September this year. Besides, I haven’t even had time yet to finish Birth by Sleep. (What? Gaming moms have to make certain sacrifices for their kids!) So this is definitely a pleasant surprise for me! Check out the video below and let me know if you love the subtle aging of Sora as much as I do!


p.s. In other news, Mac revealed their new Mac Pro and it is totally droolworthy!!


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