The Frozen Ground Will Finally Hit Theaters!

This may not be as cool to you non-Alaskan folks, but the film The Frozen Ground has finally been given a release date! Up until a few years ago, it was far too expensive for movies to be filmed in Alaska. Taxes, flying the crew and equipment up, etc. all forced crews to look at Canada which, in their opinion, was practically the same thing. There have been some really great movies that are set in Alaska but since this state is so incredibly unique, it’s fairly easy for locals to tell the difference. (Sorry to disappoint, but the only part of Insomnia that was actually filmed in Alaska was a sign on the highway. Lamesauce.) A couple of years ago, Alaskans were hit with a casting call for a film starring John Krasinski. At my usual weekend breakfast place, I even ended up running into Drew Barrymore. Even though the film Big Miracle was a total flop, it was still a pretty cool moment for Alaska. We now have tax breaks and incentives set up for film crews so of course we would have another large budget film with some big names. And no state could wish for better than what we got: John Cusack and Nicolas Cage. Oh hell yes!

Creeperrrrrr. Click image to view source and other images.

The Frozen Ground is about one of Alaska’s serial killers, Robert Hansen. Creepy thing is, my mom actually attended the same church as this guy and his family. (Shudder! Not that she ever met him but still… shudder!) I’m not sure how true to the facts this movie will be but you don’t have to twist too many things to turn Hansen’s tale into a creepy story. What did he do? Kidnapped women (possibly all hookers), flew them out to his cabin, told them to run and then proceeded to hunt them down. Though he is thought to have killed 17-21 women, he’s only been charge with the murder of 4. I cannot wait to see this movie! Not only because I’ve watched this story being retold on television for as long as I can remember, but also to see how the world enjoys a true Alaskan movie. Because then maybe, just maybe, we can finally do a movie that’s not about some crazy guy killing people (or whale hugging).


p.s. Sorry all, I’ve been doing some updates to the design of this blog. Hope you like!


12 thoughts on “The Frozen Ground Will Finally Hit Theaters!

  1. I sympathize (you do have it much harder). I always get excited when there’s a movie filming in Hawaii, but they’re never about Hawaii as anything more than a tourist destination. The two movies that come closest are about as different as can be: “The Descendants” with George Clooney and “Lilo and Stitch” (yes, the one with the blue, alien dog). I hope this movie brings better ones to your state’s doorstep. πŸ™‚

    • Oh yea, that would be a bummer! If it helps, I loved The Descendants and Lilo and Stitch (totally counts!) and A Perfect Getaway! Lost makes me want to visit Hawaii really badly too. I guess we should count ourselves lucky though, almost every movie that takes place in NYC, the city gets destroyed. πŸ˜›

      • True. We’re fine living in our respective forms of wilderness.

        If you ever do make it down here, give me a shout. LOST actually filmed at a lot of the places I grew up with because I live on Oahu. That church-purgatory-thing at the end of the series? Chapel from my high school. Freaked me out. (I never did watch the finale season; it was my first year away at college.)

        • I will definitely let you know when we finally make it to Hawaii (it’s been on our To Do list since for a couple of years)! That’s so awesome that they used the chapel from your high school! Do you happen to have Netflix? You should definitely check out the last season if you get the chance. Even though it sounds like you know the “secret” of LOST, it’s still a really great season with all of the characters returning to say good-bye.

        • I only sorta know the secret because most people I know here didn’t watch it after the first couple of seasons and my non-Hawaii friends stopped talking about it after the first week. I happened across the finale (knew it was happening) when I was flipping through the channels and stopped because “Hey, that’s the chapel at SHA. WTH?” They’d used the church at my primary/middle school (right across the street) for some sort of funeral before so it wasn’t that weird.

          I have the entire show downloaded. (I’m such a bad person.) And I’m probably going to try to watch it from the beginning this summer. I have some other shows I’ve been wanting to watch, too, so I’m not sure if I’ll get to it.

        • I have a friend that’s just started watching LOST and it’s so much fun to hear her theories on what’s going on. It’s made me want to watch it all over again from the beginning, but you’re right, there are so many other shows that need watching as well. I’ve got to finish Arrested Development and then possibly Doctor Who (just to see what all the hubbub is about).

        • *gasp* No Doctor Who? You definitely need to give that a shot. I will say that if you don’t like the 9th Doctor, skip ahead and watch the first 10th Doctor episode and see if he catches your interest. I was bored with 9 (only watched it on-and-off), but I loved 10 and I like 11.

          I think I’m going to do a re-watch of something (Doctor Who or Supernatural, probably) and start with a new series. There’s LOST, Dexter, and a few others on my list. Summer’s slow season for new shows, so it’s time. πŸ™‚

          (I haven’t watched Arrested Development. It’s worth the time?)

        • I know, I know I really need to watch Doctor Who! I’ve seen a little bit of the first doctor, but then I had to turn off my Netflix account. But now I have it back!

          I love love love Dexter! It’s so dark (I really love rooting for bad guys) and addicting. Arrested Development is hilarious and totally worth the time! I’m not a big fan of Jason Bateman at all but he’s actually hilarious in this. Plus, who knew Michael Cera was a little chubby when he was young? πŸ˜‰

        • Well, get on it then. πŸ™‚ My friend watched it on Netflix, but they ended up not having a lot of the specials, so make sure you watch all of those, too. It was very confusing for her when Tennant left during a special and she missed it.

          I’ll probably start Dexter, then. Another friend has been poking me to watch it for ages. I’ll make sure to add Arrested Development to the list, although most of my friends don’t seem to like the most recent season.

          Ugh. So many shows and so little time. I really need to get a tablet so I can watch stuff at work. (During lunch of course. πŸ˜‰ )

        • It was about two years ago, so maybe they’ve caught up. (?) There’s usually an Easter and a Christmas Special, and a Red Nose Day special that you can usually find on You Tube. Let me know if you can’t find them. I have *ehem* connections.

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