This Summer Is The End

Every time I see something new for This Is The End I just get more and more excited for this movie to come out! I am really hoping that this movie can hold up to the hype that it’s created so far. But then again, how can it not with that cast? James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson are all hilarious in their own way. But the actor that really hooked me into seeing this is Jay Baruchel. I have a huge nerd crush on Mr. Baruchel. In fact, he’s the reason I saw How to Train Your Dragon in the first place (and thanks for that!). I hadn’t been able to watch the Red Band trailer until recently and seriously, I’m hooked. Emma Watson may not have been my favorite part of Harry Potter but I must admit that I have missed her being called Hermione. If you haven’t watched the Red Band trailer yet, check it out below. (And if you are one of the very, very few people on the planet like my husband that had no idea what a Red Band trailer is, these are the trailers that are not approved for all audiences.)

p.s. Spotify has a promo running where you drag and drop a playlist in the window and they’ll tell you which of these guys you’re most likely to hang with for the end of the world. Below is my results for my G33K M3 channel. RAWR! Bring on that apocalypse!



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