Vlog #1

Happy Monday everybody! I’m seriously dragging… even after an Emergency Compliment and my first cup of coffee. (And I’d just like to say THANK YOU Emergency Compliment, you’re right! I totally would be the last one standing in a horror movie.) Maybe I just need to post my (technically) first vlog. Watch, enjoy, let me know your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “Vlog #1

  1. What is this awesomeness? I hadn’t been able to go on my computer for the past week or so, so this is the first time I’ve been able to watch your first vlog. Love it!

    My family and friends are constantly lamenting about how my children are going to be so utterly confused. I’m mostly a HP fan, but there’s also Doctor Who, Supernatural, Stargate and Firefly in my wheelhouse. And my boyfriend is much more of a sci-fi fan than I am, so there’s Star Wars. (Their comments are all the funnier because we’re not child-serious yet.)

    I had a great childhood where I learned about heroism and bravery and fantastic worlds. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want their child to feel like they can do anything, be anything, but still have that sense of responsibility for others that most nerds I know have. There’s nothing better than a real nerd-family.

    • Oh thank you thank you! I need to remember to get some better lighting for the next one haha

      Whoa, if you guys have kids they’ll be the most well-rounded nerds on the planet! That’s so epic. My husband isn’t really geeky in any way so I have to completely make up for that. And maybe that’s good, ’cause if we had any more geek in our home, the universe may implode 😉

      • I know. The funniest part is he’s an Air Force pilot with all of the arrogance that goes with it and he doesn’t really look the part (no nerd shirts until I game him some; what’s up with that), so I wasn’t at all interested until he started comparing the actual politics of the military to that in Stargate when we were in class.There are so many uninteresting things nerdy stuff can teach us.

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