Game of Thrones: No I’m Not Ready!!

First off, spoiler alert. Like that really needs to be said. But seriously, I’m about to spoil the hell out of that last Game of Thrones episode. Also, as a preface, I have read all of the books thus far so I knew what was coming. I just didn’t know when. And dammit HBO, I wasn’t ready!! Okay, if you seriously don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now. Go have a cupcake or something. Everybody else, well okay, you can have cupcakes too but at least stick around for the rest of this blog. Just don’t get crumbs all over your keyboard.

Do you see HBO? Do you see what you have done to me? I don’t even want to get to talking about what just happened. But then again, I do because I have all of these feelings!! Ugh, okay, onward. I am deeming this episode thusly:

It’s a Nice Day For a Red Wedding

But first let’s talk about everything else that happened. I absolutely love episodes that focus on the characters that I really care about and this one felt like a whole lot of Stark love. (I use the term “love” very loosely.) So let’s start with the one part of the storyline that wasn’t Stark driven: Danyerus. I have a serious love hate relationship with book!Danyerus. Let’s face it, some of her chapters are just slightly annoying. But show!Danyerus is a totally different story. Dany is doing her usual thing of being righteous and looking out for all of the slaves in their world and conquering cities that stand in her way. I do love seeing Ser Jorah being badass as well. And although I was a little iffy about the casting for Daario, I have to admit he’s growing on me. But maybe that’s just because he looks good all dirty and splashed with the blood of Dany’s enemies.

We also get to see Bran! (YAY!) I am so happy they did this whole scene at the tower. It had me a little worried when Ygritte remarked about a tower in an earlier episode: “Is that a castle?” which was meant to be the tower that Bran and his squad are hiding from the storm in. But thank you, Mr. Benioff and Mr. Weiss, for putting this scene in. I love love the elements in this part. Not only the separation of Bran and Rickon (finally!) but also Bran learning what it is to be a warg when he reaches out to Hodor and then Summer. Poor Hodor, I wonder what his demeanor will be in next week’s episode. He did seem pretty wiped out after the joining. Also a priceless moment, Bran seeing Jon through Summer’s eyes. Serious thumbs up to that!

I’m kind of iffy about Jon’s segments. I mean, I’m okay with him killing Orell. Kind of. I really enjoy how Sevenskins meets his end in the books but I can get how this was best for the show. Plus, Orell joining himself with his hawk was just perfect. I’m sure the tv audience will need to know that a warg can do that later on. I do, also, love how deathly loyal Ygritte is to Jon. The next episode should be interesting!

Arya may possibly be my favorite character. It’s a toss-up between her and Jon. Bran might be third… but any time I read an Arya chapter and see her in the show, I get way too excited. She plays the stubborn role just perfectly as she looks at the Twins over and over. She is so close to her mother and you just wish that she could be reunited with her. Well, you might if you haven’t read the books. It is so heartbreaking, when she and the Hound finally reach the Twins and everything just falls apart. She was this close, this close!! I have to love the Hound too for finding Arya amidst all of the chaos. Even if he does knock her out.

Oh Robb. And Cat. You did everything right, didn’t you? I’m a little upset with myself for taking so long to say to myself: “Uh crap, Jeyne is there… this isn’t going to be pretty.” I do think it was great, how they sort of got the audience to relax with all of the “Let’s name the baby Eddard” sort of talk. Yea, really, how great that would be for Robb to teach his son how to ride a horse! Too bad Walder Frey had to make a speech and completely throw a wrench into those plans. I have to admit, I knew they were going to kill Jeyne but I had no idea it would be that brutal! Seriously, it kind of made my stomach churn a bit. At least they didn’t cut off Grey Wind’s head and sew it to Robb’s body. Yet.

I just have a couple of complaints. Roslin actually seemed happy at the feast. Wasn’t she supposed to be a slight indicator that something was up? I really think they could have played on her attitude a bit more. The band in the rafters was supposed to be terrible as well. Could it have been so hard to but a few drums off beat? Or a lute that was out of tune? I was really, really wanting to see Catelyn going mad right before they slit her throat. I get the shell shock but seriously she could have at least clawed at her eyes. But truly the biggest disappointment was the complete lack of the Greatjon! Adding him to the Red Wedding would have completely taken it up a notch. Him throwing a table over his king to protect him and taking Freys down with him left and right.

All in all, I liked it. What am I talking about? I totally loved it! I held my breath, cried my eyes out, and even caught myself whispering “NO!” Way to go HBO. Can’t wait to see what you have cooked up for the finale!


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