Harry Potter Will Never Die

When I told my hubs that I was saving up to take our kiddo to HP Land (aka The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) when he turns 5, his response totally blew me away…

Why? The movies are over so the hype is bound to blow over by that time! The park won’t even exist.

Add that to the happenings that lead to the tweet below and I think our relationship may be in peril…

Ok, ok, I’m totally jaykaying here. I’m not really going to murder my husband over his lack of knowledge of the coolest man on the planet. Or because he believes HP is “just a fad.” I’m just going to imagine his socks bunching in the bottom of his boots at work. Because, let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than uncomfortably slouched socks!

Does the general populous, i.e. Muggles, really believe that HP is going to die out? Do you feel like it’s going anywhere? Well, dear readers, I’m going to tell you my opinion. Why? Because this is my blog but it’s not like you can’t already guess what’s going to come from this die-hard Potterhead. Harry Potter is not just 8 films. It’s not just 7 books (+ the many textbooks that were also published). It’s not just the theme park. HP is a way of life. <– You really have to say that out loud while clutching your hands to your chest. Go on, get dramatic with it! I know, I know, I totally embrace the cheese. That’s my Hufflepuff side coming out. But seriously! Here are just a couple of ways that Jo Rowling’s magical world lives on:

  • Have you ever driven by a soccer field to see 3 rings on stands at each end of the field and wondered what was going on? I’ll let you in on a little secret: you’ve just happened upon some quidditch. Yup! You read that right. There’s a chapter in my town that I sadly had not heard of until several months ago. But these guys are awesome. What other book series has inspired an actual sport that has taken over colleges all over?
  • The Oxford English Dictionary has been forever changed. In 146 years, the OED has been updated only 3 times and the last time included “Muggle.” I’m sure the Ministry of Magic had a hard time with that one…
  • Leaky Con is still going strong. The convention started as a way for HP fans to celebrate everything they loved about the books and films. Of course, the con has expanded to encompass many other fandoms but if you’re planning to attend you should take note of their underage wizards policies.
  • Rumor has it that all 8 films will be re-released into theaters in July 2017! Sorry, I’m trying to come up with ways to expand on this one, but it keeps coming out “SQUEE!”

I used to have a very special ringtone when I had an iPhone (long story short, I downgraded to a not-so-smart phone that merely texts): Hedwig’s Theme. I loved when I’d get a call and it would turn the heads of other HP lovers within earshot. Actually… I miss being able to quickly identify the other magical folk out there. Sadly, Potterheads look just like Muggles most of the time. We live amongst you! There’s nothing you can do about it. And remember, HP may have happened inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?



11 thoughts on “Harry Potter Will Never Die

  1. I feel you fellow HP lover! 😀 I read those books to death and am still devastated to this day I never received my letter when I turned 11 😦 But damn it, I might not be a witch, but I’ll be the best damn magic informed muggle I can be! 😛

  2. Your husband needs to be converted. There’s enough science-fiction about that out there. Isn’t there a way to figure it out. I suppose as long as your kids are properly nerdy, he can be forgiven. 🙂

    I don’t think Potter will die, either. For one thing, the theme parks are *insanely* popular. I have friends who have gone and they are always packed. Even if the books die down in popularity, I think the parks will help to keep the movies alive (but only if they do it right). The fandom may slim down a bit as those who aren’t die-hard fans fall to the wayside, but we’ll pick more up as we go along and I think it’ll stick around for a while.

    • I have tried so hard to convert him! He has watched all of Lord of the Rings (extended) but he watched them back to back and got burned out. He’s watched HP up to half way through Goblet of Fire but he has a hard time keeping up with the characters. So I’ve sort of given up on dragging him to things (like The Hobbit) because I don’t want to spend time explaining who is who 😛

      And I totally agree! Even if current movie or book fans do lose touch with HP, we’ll steadily pick up more as time goes on. Especially kids rounding on their 11th birthdays. 😉 I have a nephew that is Harry for every Halloween and he’s counting down until he can visit Universal. Can’t wait until the day I can put a lightning shaped scar on my son 🙂

      • Maybe someone other than you needs to recommend something nerdy. (*Men.* 😛 ) Has he at least jumped onto this most recent comic book movie bandwagon? They’re not the worst out there, and it’s pretty accessible. There’s always a way to get them hooked.

        Now that the Potter Generation (as my mum calls them) are hitting their early to late twenties, it might start to regain strength. We have (slightly) more disposable income and we’re starting to have kids (What? I”m too young! *flail*) who can be raised in the Potter way.

        (Perhaps we can start some sort of Potter cult where all of our children end up confused about reality. It could be fun. 🙂 )

        • He liked the latest X-Men (First Class) and the new Star Treks but he couldn’t keep up with the Avengers. Guess I just have to stick the simpler storylines and yes, have them recommended by other guys!

          I’m all for this Potter cult 😉

        • Have you tried Stargate or Supernatural? The storylines all start off pretty simple and increase in complexity the longer you watch the show. (I like Stargate: Atlantis more for dragging people in, but that often requires a 2-minute primer.)

          (I’ll start to work on our manifesto.)

        • I’ve tried Supernatural but according to him it’s too cheesy. He’s pretty anti sci fi, which is why Star Trek has me so surprised! I’ve been working on Firefly since he loves westerns. I just have to get him in the right mood so I can interrupt his football watching time 😛

        • Supernatural does have a sort of humor to it that not everyone would enjoy. The later ones might appeal more to him, but even I get annoyed with the repetitiveness sometimes.

          I’m kinda with him on the sci-fi thing. I tend not to enjoy them all that much (I was surprised I liked Star Trek, too!), but I loved Stargate. It’s more about the characters than the sci-fi, anyway. Maybe you’ll finally get him hooked with Firefly. Just show them in the right order. 😉

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