Patent Pending for Microsoft

Just saw this post via Geeks Are Sexy. My first reaction as a marketer was that this is pretty cool. Being able to categorize possible customers as precisely as possible is way too important from a business perspective.

Then my second reaction kicked in. You know, the personal one that goes “Uh… isn’t this just a LOT of recording of my happenings?” Gmail already pushes my boundaries with the keywords they pull from my personal emails to create a more personalized ad experience for me. Facebook pushes me a little far as well… but guess what, I’m the one that told them the movies/tv shows/activities that I’m into. So I can understand them. But I’m not so sure I want to be tracked while using my game console! Basically, what I took away from the article is that Microsoft (possibly with the Xbox One) will implement a GetGlue type of achievement system. When you watch shows and/or commercials, you earn achievements which can lead to virtual items. This means your gaming console, tv, cable, and possibly webcam will all connect and monitor your usage.

Maybe I got sunburned yesterday at our Memorial Day BBQ. Or maybe I’m cranky because it’s 80° and gorgeous outside and I’m stuck at my desk just staring at it. But I’m really not liking the idea of having my activities monitored even more than they currently are. Add on that the Xbox One will not play any 360 games and I’m sort of against buying one.

But then again, this is just a patent at this point. What do you think? Would you care if Microsoft tried to more closely track your tv usage for achievement points?



2 thoughts on “Patent Pending for Microsoft

  1. Achievement hunting in my favorite games is fun, but getting achievements by watching commercials? That’s just dirty. What’s next? “Achievement Unlocked: Bought Penis Enlargement Pills from”

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