Kids These Days

Every morning, I sit my kid in front of the tv with some breakfast so I can actually get ready for work. (Trust me, before I was a mom I vowed I would never let my kid watch tv but some times it’s just an evil, evil necessity.) My husband had obviously fallen asleep watching Adult Swim since the tv was still on Cartoon Network. As I turned on the tv, the screen was filled with odd looking bubble characters and a ghost-like character flying around. “Pokemon will return after these messages” was my only clue as to what these bubbles actually were. This new cartoon was such a deviation from the original in style that it just made me super nostalgic for the old school cartoons I have loved throughout my lifetime thus far. And, quite frankly, they just don’t make them like they used to! Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Here’s my top 5 list. (Note: this list is merely based on my very terrible memory. I’m sure there are plenty of amazeballs cartoons that I have forgotten.)

5. TaleSpin

Oh ee oh! This is probably only on my list because I was totally in love with Kit when I was a little girl. No joke, I planned to either marry him or Robin Hood when I grew up. That aside, who didn’t want to be a cloud surfer!

4. Rescue Rangers

My mom recently found RR on dvd and wow. If you have the chance to go back and watch this you totally should. And ladies, you know you wanted to grow up to be Gadget!

McGuyver had nothing on her!

3. Deter’s Lab

Tiny little scientist vs. ballerina sister. Plus, it had evil geniuses galore.

Mandark ruled! End of story. I still brush bah-brush my teeth this way.

2. X-Men

I don’t know what you played on your elementary school playground but we played X-Men. For some reason, though, I always got stuck playing Storm even though I always wanted to be Jean Grey (though I’ll admit, Jubilee was/is my fav). Shoot, I still want to be Jean Grey. She needs someone to play her right after those awful movies…

I still hum this theme song when I shoot off fireworks.

1. Transformers

I have to admit, I’m sort of a poser when it comes to Transformers. I wasn’t actually into them until college. But I totally recognize that Transformers are an essential part of my generation. And not those horrible Michael Bay movies that could totally be retitled Michael Bay’s Robots and What’s Her Face Run in Slow Motion. The old school movie and cartoon. Even if you don’t like Transformers movie from the 80’s, you at least have to admit that they just don’t make bands like Lion anymore either! I’ll bet you can’t metal like Lion can metal. Because they’ve got the touch. They’ve got the power!

Honorary Mentions: Darkwing Duck, DuckTales, Yu-Gi Oh!, Ninja Turtles, ThunderCats, Captain Planet.


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